Shadow and Bone Review

Shadow and Bone Review

Sarah Phelps, Reporter June 3, 2021

Based on the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology written by Leigh Bardugo, the Netflix original show, Shadow and Bone, takes place in a fantasy, worn-torn world. According to Google, the...

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Mortal Kombat Review

Blake Darmante, Broadcast Editor May 10, 2021

Mortal Kombat 2021 is similar to it’s 1995 counterpart, lovable and cringy, but so very flawed. The movie was peppered with the brutal action sequences and one liners fans have come to expect of the...

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Review

Dylan Hostetter, Arts and Style Editor May 7, 2021

*This article contains SPOILERS for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier* The Falcon and The Winter Soldier began its limited run on Disney Plus on March 19 2021. It stars Anthony Mackie (8 Mile, Outside...

The 2021 Oscars

Jacob Flint, Reporter May 6, 2021

So...the 2021 Oscar has happened. They handled it like it was a film, which I think is cool because, when you look back at previous Oscar events, they are not rated nearly as close to the films that they...

Sweet Home Review

Jacob Flint, Reporter April 20, 2021

Sweet Home is a South Korean Netflix show, and it is loosely based on a webtoon also named Sweet Home. The show is about a group in the Green Home apartment building trying to survive all of the monsters...

Why Gun Control Laws are Necessary

Why Gun Control Laws are Necessary

Reagan Woody, Reporter April 19, 2021

By Reagan Woody  The topic of gun control has become a very prominent issue on Capitol Hill. According to, there is a 60% chance that a mass shooting could occur on any given day in the United...

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The Case Against Cancel Culture

Blake Darmante April 15, 2021

In 1937, Dr. Seuss began his career as a children's book author. Well received by the public, Dr. Seuss went on to publish nearly fifty books before his death in 1991 ( The year is now 2021...

Resident Evil 7 cover

Resident Evil 7 Review

Jacob Flint, Reporter March 26, 2021

It has been four years since Resident Evil 7 came out. I remember watching the E3 2016 trailer for this game with my cousin. It looked like a regular first-person horror game. We got a demo for the game...

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Wandavision Review

Dylan Hostetter, Arts and Style Editor March 26, 2021

*Some Spoilers Ahead* The effect of Wandavision, which wrapped up over three weeks ago now, is still being felt. Directed by Matt Shackman, Wandavision was Marvel’s first ever attempt at a television...

Why Does the Media Portray High School so Incorrectly?

Why Does the Media Portray High School so Incorrectly?

Grace Shaw, Social Media Manger March 25, 2021

Since the start of middle school, we have been wrongfully exposed to an overexaggerated version of high school. The reason? TV shows, movies, and in general, the media.  We are a generation fueled...

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