Machine Gun Kelly Creates Music During Quarantine

Machine Gun Kelly singing

Brooke Gardner, Business Manager

May 5, 2020

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has recently become successful in the music industry. e He is well known for his ability to adapt to different genres, from rap to rock, and even pop. MGK has grown to be quite the musician. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, he has also spent his time singing cover songs, creat...

Kanye Releases “Jesus is King”

Kanye Releases

Thomas Black

December 17, 2019

By: Thomas Black After a chaotic release littered with seemingly endless delays, the long awaited “Jesus Is King” by Kanye West is finally available to the public.  It features primarily gospel influenced tracks - as the title suggests, and demonstrates an ideological shift for the notorious...

Young Thug Resurges

Credit: Atlantic Records

Thomas Black, Reporter

September 19, 2019

With “So Much Fun,” Atlanta based singer/rapper Young Thug has blasted back onto the scene with his unique sound. His blend of melodic riffing and fast-paced flows has had a huge impact on the sound of contemporary trap music, influencing the likes of Gunna, Lil Keed, Lil Baby, and more. With his so...

Black Makes Bangin’ Beats

Black Makes Bangin' Beats

Brooke Gardner, Business Manager

September 19, 2019

Recently, I discovered an artist among my classmates that I never truly noticed until the beginning of this school year. Junior Thomas Black is the man behind the beats, known as OFFWORLD. The first thing that popped into my mind was how the beats have an “electronic vibe” to them. To give a proper...

2017 Albums of the Year

2017 Albums of the Year

Kaizad Irani, Musa Kamara, and Byron Winchester

February 27, 2018

“Flower Boy” by Tyler, the Creator   Tyler, the Creator, gave listeners one of the most heartfelt and sincere albums of 2017 with his most refined project yet, “Flower Boy.” Through 45 minutes of an eclectic mix of jazz, electronic, and R&B instrumentals, accompanied by beauti...

Lil Uzi is All The Rage

Uzi receives a score of 5.6 for his repetitiveness.

Byron Winchester, Business Manager

December 6, 2017

After riding the wave of his highly successful summer ballad “XO Tour Llif3” Lil Uzi Vert released his debut album “Luv is Rage 2.” The project has 16 songs featuring notable artists such as The Weeknd & Pharrell Williams. As the sequel to his infamous mixtape “Luv Is Rage,” Uzi provides...

BROCKHAMPTON hops on the scene

Rating out of 10 points.

Musa Kamara, Head Online Editor

November 24, 2017

With the release of their critically acclaimed second studio album, “Saturation II,” the self-proclaimed all-American boy band, Brockhampton, has forayed into hip-hop territory that was previously uncharted. Not only does the group combine a diverse group of black, white, hispanic, southeast Asia...

Tyler, the Creator Gives his Most Polished Album Yet in “Flower Boy

Tyler, the Creator Gives his Most Polished Album Yet in

Kaizad Irani, Head Managing Editor

November 22, 2017

Known for his outlandish and eccentric personality, California rapper Tyler, the Creator’s fourth studio album, “Flower Boy,” is, without a doubt, his most sincere, heartfelt, matured, and polished album yet. Up until the release of “Flower Boy,” Tyler’s music and character has been of...

Big Sean? Big Disappointment

Big Sean? Big Disappointment

Musa Kamara, Head Online Editor

May 31, 2017

Big Sean’s fourth studio album, “I Decided,” though accompanied by the wildly popular singles “Bounce Back” and “Moves,” was a decidedly average collection. While illuminated by all star features from Migos, Eminem, Jhene Aiko, and The-Dream, and featuring an interesting retrospective storyline,...

Noname Delivers A Heartfelt Story On “Telefone”

Noname Delivers A Heartfelt Story On

Kaizad Irani, Head Online Editor

May 31, 2017

Popularly known for her guest features in Chance the Rapper’s mixtapes,“Acid Rap” and “Coloring Book,” Chicago female rapper Noname’s (formerly Noname Gypsy) debut mixtape, “Telefone,” is an instant classic tale of early adulthood from the point of view of an African American female from...

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