A view of House Mountain during one of its spring sunrises.

A Guide to Making the Best of Lexington in the Spring

Ella Vaught, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022

Spring has sprung in Lexington, and the residents are once again getting outside as the town starts to look alive again. After a long winter, residents and students alike have gotten out and about, walking...

The Lexington Movie Theater in Downtown Lexington.

The Drive-In Versus Movie Theater Debate

Sarah Phelps, Reporter April 6, 2022

The issue with watching a new release, that is not on streaming services, is where to watch it. The number of drive-ins are slowly declining, but have recently grown in popularity in smaller cities and...

Image courtesy of Bloodsport is available to stream on This martial art movie stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Why Bloodsport is the Best Martial Art Film of All Time

Blake Darmante, Broadcast Editor April 6, 2022

Some of the greatest martial arts movies of all time were released in the 1980s. There was “Police Story” with Jackie Chan, “The Karate Kid” with Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki “Pat” Morita (Mr....

Lia Thomas receiving her first place plaque after the NCAA Women’s Championships

Lia Thomas’s NCAA Championship Win Sparks Debate

Heidi Schwarzmann, News Editor April 6, 2022

Lia Thomas is a transgender swimmer at the University of Pennsilvania. Her dominating times this season have created much skepticism. Although she follows all eligibility rules set in place by the NCAA,...

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, And Outlast The Competition On Survivor 42

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, And Outlast The Competition On Survivor 42

Kyle Goodbar, Reporter April 6, 2022

After 22 years of being on air, Survivor has reached season 42. With 18 castaways and three tribes, it is bound to be an exciting season. The cast consists of Chanelle Howell, Daniel Strunk, Drea Wheeler,...

Theater students preparing for Wizard of Oz performance.

Theater Program at RCHS Needs to Continue

Hallie Darmante, Reporter April 6, 2022

Last Friday, March 25, the theater class at RCHS displayed their year of hard work through performing the Wizard of Oz. Each standing ovation was an understatement to the hard work these students put in....

The Godfather: The Best Film Ever Made

Bee Sackett, Reporter April 6, 2022

Fellow reporter Blake Darmante recently wrote an article claiming a different film to be one of the best ever made, his (frankly insane) article is linked here: The...

The Lost City movie cover displaying some of the main characters; Loretta, Alan, Fairfax, Beth, and Oscar.

“The Lost City” Movie Review

Stephen Wells, Reporter April 5, 2022

“The Lost City,” released on March 25, 2022, involves a fast-paced treasure hunt with recurring conflicts between the main friends around the publication of a book series and an overruling villain....

The Adam Project premiered on Netflix on March 11th, 2022, making Ryan Reynolds the only actor with 3 films in Netflix’s Top 10 list for films.

The Adam Project Review

Maxwell Pearson, Online Layout Editor April 4, 2022

In the mood for a mind-bender, eye-wetter, and gut-wrenchingly funny movie to watch this weekend? “The Adam Project” is sure to fit the bill and bring out all the emotions. Premiered on March 11, 2022...

Mayo’s and Pfaff’s advertisement for their new book “Who Knew What a Blanket Could Do?”

From School to Bookshelves

Braden Hamilton, Reporter March 21, 2022

Local author and former Lylburn Downing Middle School 6th grade English teacher, Leigh Mayo, alongside 2021 RCHS graduate Isabelle (Izzy) Pfaff , have recently published a children’s book together that...

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