Support Local Businesses During the Pandemic

Grace Frascati, Assistant Managing Editor

Due to coronavirus shutdown orders, many small businesses are suffering, as they have been forced to close or enforce restrictions. Restaurants have closed off their dining areas and have shifted to takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery. Many have also shortened their days and hours open. Several small businesses in downtown Lexington, Va., have been affected by these restrictions; however, there are still ways consumers can support them. 

One of the best ways to support local shops is through gift cards. Gift cards allow consumers to contribute to their favorite shops by allowing them to pay upfront for products they can then pick out after the lockdown is lifted. Some gift shops, however, have implemented other ways of shopping. For example, you can shop online at Gladiola Girls, a lifestyle boutique located on Main Street. Other local shops have social media sites where you can message them (via direct message, email, or phone) about purchasing items they have posted. These products can then be picked up or delivered. Papagallo, a clothing and jewelry boutique located on Main Street, has this option, among others. Papagallo also offers facetime shopping and in-store appointments. 

Other Lexington, Va. businesses are still open, although they have limited hours. For example, Lexington Coffee Shop has changed their hours from Monday through Saturday (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), and it is closed on Sunday. Grabbing a coffee is a fairly low-risk situation that can help to support local coffee shops, such as this one. However, not all coffee shops remain open. For example, Pronto is currently closed. Thus, customers can stick with gift cards, which can be purchased online. 

As for downtown Lexington restaurants, most offer takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery. Napa Thai offers all three. However, they have restricted their hours to only dinner (4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.). Some restaurants, such as Napa Thai, also offer online orders. This is a convenient way to shop locally. The Bistro and Niko’s Grill also offer curbside pickup and have reserved parking spots out front for their customers. Ordering takeout or delivery from one’s favorite restaurants is a way to support them and their employees. Thus, when shopping local, one is supporting several community members.

There are several ways one can still support local businesses amidst this pandemic. Grabbing takeout or purchasing gift cards helps businesses cope with the lack of regular business and will help keep them open. Below is a chart of some of the ways customers can still support some of the small businesses in downtown Lexington, Va. Of course, they can always call their favorite shops and inquire about ways they can give their support. 


Business Ways to Support Them
Pronto Gift Cards (can be purchased online)
Pumpkin Seeds Shop via phone/facebook, in-store appointments, delivery, curbside pickup, gift cards
Napa Thai  Takeout, delivery, curbside pickup, order online, gift cards
Sushi Matsumoto Takeout, delivery, gift cards
Niko’s Grille Order online, gift cards, curbside pickup
The Bistro Curbside pickup, gift cards, takeout
Papagallo Facetime orders, in-store appointments, shop via social media (direct message, email, phone), gift cards, delivery, curbside pickup
The Southern Inn Order online, delivery, curbside pickup, takeout, gift cards
Gladiola Girls Shop online, gift cards, delivery, curbside pickup
Mano Taqueria Takeout, gift cards
Sugar Maple Trading Co.  Shop online, delivery, pickup, gift cards
Flex Fitness Zoom classes, purchasing passes, renting a bike
Macado’s Takeout, gift cards 
Salerno Delivery, takeout, order online, gift cards
Frank’s Pizza Takeout, curbside pickup, gift cards
Heliotrope Order online, takeout, gift cards, delivery
Lexington Restaurant Takeout, gift cards
The Palms Order online, takeout, gift cards
Don Tequila’s  Takeout, gift cards
Muchacho Alegre Takeout, gift cards