High School Trends


Clara Fleshman rocks the middle part

Morgan Slusser and Ella Vaught

Over the past four years at RCHS, the Class of 2022 has used clothing and accessories to express themselves. With this expression, trends have popped up as specific styles and items have become more popular. From the evolution from skinny to baggy jeans to the return of the ‘90s, the senior class has seen many changes.

Throughout the class of 2022’s high school experience, they have seen the transformation of skinny to baggy jeans. Starting off freshman year, skinny jeans ran the building as boys and girls alike wore them. Sophomore year brought the “mom jean” trend, where the pants fit tighter across the hips and grew looser around the knees, but tapered back again at the ankle. This trend took the world by storm and began the evolution to the baggy jeans we see today. During junior year mom jeans held on strong but as COVID ruled the world, jeans were more of an after thought. As senior year started, the rise of the “dad jeans” began and jeans grew. The jeans have a loose flare that grows as it continues down the leg; these became popular for both their style and comfort. 

This baggy jean also came about as the ‘90s circled back around. As people began to swap their tight shirts and jeans for loose shirts and pants, the other trends of the ‘90s followed. Y2K, a more niche trend, specifically highlighted the trends of the ‘90s. From hair styles and accessories, to shirts and pants, the Y2K trend was followed closely. At an everyday level, students opted for more comfortable and attainable styles. 

Thrifting became more popular as older styles became trendier. As a more economical and environmental way to shop, students flocked to GoodWills and Salvation Armies. Instagram accounts popped up where you could buy clothes people had found while thrifting. As thrifting grew more popular, people began to search deeper in these stores for the perfect finds, sometimes with a higher value than was expected. 

Another trend popped up over the course of our four years at this high school. Athleisure, or wearing athletic clothes for non-athletic activities, became a frequent option for many students. Leggings, athletic t-shirts, and sneakers can be found as an outfit by many students any day of the week. As a comfortable option that is ready for any activity, the trend of athleisure grew throughout the years. 

As senior year began, students swapped out their side parts for middle parts as the world came to the consensus that middle parts are once again in style. Over time, the side parts were evened out and the middle part took over. One by one people began to opt for the middle part, creating one of the largest trends in our four years at RCHS. 

Although we have seen trends over our four years at RCHS, we have all grown closer together, despite our year and a half apart. These trends have allowed students to bond over and grow closer to each other despite differences.