Cats’ Play Sports Outside of School


Brady Majors pitches for the NRV Tigers Photo by Dawn Majors

Drew Potter, Reporter

Many students within RCHS participate in travel sports outside of school. Players on a travel team are most likely playing at an elite or higher level. For most travel teams, athletes have to try out and are judged by the coaches to see if they are good enough to play on that team. Travel sports teams participate in tournaments, competing against other teams to win either a medal, trophy, or even a ring. 

Freshman Brady Majors plays for the NRV Tigers, which is a 15u team. Majors plays outfield, middle infield, and pitcher for his team. He has traveled to Florida and Tennessee with the Tigers. He has also played in many places throughout Virginia, including Bridgewater, Roanoke, Covington, and Pulaski. Majors shares his technique for staying in the game and better his technique. 

“My main techniques for staying in the game is just keeping my head up and trying my best not to pout when I make a mistake,” said Majors. 

Sophomore Emily Boling plays travel soccer with the Green Grass, a 15u team. Boling has not traveled out of Virginia with her team but has been throughout Virginia, including Harrisonburg and Staunton. Boling plays left or right back with the occasional middle field. Boling shares her techniques during the game.
“I always make sure that there is someone open, showing that there is no pressure on them since they’re open,” said Boling. 

Sophomore Gabi Dickovick plays travel volleyball. She plays all around the court whether it’s right or left setter. She has traveled throughout Virginia and even Myrtle Beach. Dickovick shares her one technique for staying in the game. 

“My one technique is to either hydrate or diedrate,” said Dickovick. 

Sophomore Madeline Swisher, a teammate of Emily Boling’s, also plays for the Green Grass travel soccer team. She has traveled mainly throughout Augusta County, including Staunton and Waynesboro. Swisher plays wherever the team needs her to play except goalkeeper. She is hoping and planning to play at the college level. Swisher shares her techniques for staying in the game and keeping a good mindset. 

“I just have to stick with it and not get too upset over a bad game or practice,” said Swisher, “Bad sports days happen to everyone and I should not let them take away the fun of the game.”

Travel sports typically happen during the summer and fall. Throughout the winter these teams practice indoors due to the weather. However, during the spring, travel teams typically have a dead period or break. The students above all play for RCHS whether it is varsity or junior varsity.