A Guide to Have a Good Day in Downtown Lexington



Downtown Lexington in midday traffic

Drew Potter, Reporter

Lexington Virginia has a variety of local stores, restaurants, gyms, and bars. Here is a guide to have a good day in Downtown Lexington. 

First I would recommend beginning the day at Pronto Cafe and Gelateria with coffee and the daily pastry they are offering. Pronto has a great staff who make the atmosphere enjoyable and delightful. Pronto offers two outdoor tables but you should sit inside as there is a bar and tables to sit. You would also be closer to all of the coffee amenities. 

Once you are finished at Pronto with your coffee and pastry, I recommend that you go up Main Street to Niko’s Grille for breakfast. At Niko’s, they don’t offer a huge breakfast menu, but it is still a good breakfast. There I would recommend french toast with a bagel and cream cheese as a side. Niko’s offers both indoor and outdoor and like Pronto, they only have two outdoor tables. However, you should sit outside and enjoy the streets and buildings downtown. 

Once finished at Niko’s, I suggest heading back down Main Street to Sugar Maple Trading Company. At Sugar Maple, they offer many vintage and fun things ranging from puzzles, soaps, towels, bowl sets, and many more. Sugar Maple is widely known for their window which they decorate with lots and lots of seasonal things. Once you shop and checkout, make sure to ask the clerk for a Swedish Fish as they offer them for free once asked. 

After Sugar Maple, I highly recommend going down Main Street to Pure Eats. Pure Eats was given the name after a Pure gas station, hence the name, “Pure Eats.” There I suggest a breaded chicken wrap with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and ranch with a side of homemade chips. I recommend sitting inside at the bar to enjoy the old vintage ambiance of the restaurant. Once finished eating there, head up Main Street then hang a right down West Washington Street to Sweet Things. 

At Sweet Things, they only take cash but do offer about 14 different flavors of ice cream. I highly suggest getting blue raspberry ice cream in a waffle cone. The staff there scoop the ice cream in front of you and hand it straight to you once scooped and complete. At the shop, they only have indoor seating so find a table to take in the classic, old feeling of the shop.

In some ways, Lexington can be either good or bad depending on everyone’s perspective on the city. The ways to have a good day can be put into any way based on a person’s likes and dislikes, but always make sure to end the day at Sweet Things with some good old fashioned ice cream.