Stop Breaking My Heart, Netflix


“Heartstopper” Graphic novel cover art, courtesy of Alice Oseman, from

McKenzie Alley, Reporter

In September 2016, Alice Oseman released the first episode of a soon to be hit-selling webcomic and graphic novel series titled “Heartstopper”. The series follows young highschoolers Nick and Charlie through an LGBT coming-of-age romance story. Netflix released their adaptation of the comics on April 22, 2022. It was sensational and quickly renewed for a second and third season. Except, is this film adaptation really doing the novels justice? And does this series need another season? Let alone a third?

The first season was filmed from April 2021 to June 2021,” according to Lewis Knight with Radiotimes in a recent article. “Meaning the series only took three months to shoot.” 

And you can tell. There are additional plot lines that did not exist in the graphic novel, added characters, and some anti-climactic scenes. Most of Nick Nelson’s conflict in the adaptation was added during the production. Imogen being a created character for the party and his own self-conflict was a difficult detail to ignore. I enjoy that the producers gave Nick more screen time except it appears to be forced and unnecessary at times.

However, I do love these characters. The producers did a great job with the editing of the leaves and flowers that grow with their feelings, and the romantic tension that is built up between the two leads.  Most high school films romanticize teenagers, creating insanely confident characters that have zero acne and have never struggled with schoolwork. Each character in both the novel and film is awkward, weird, and socially anxious.

The LGBT representation has been acclaimed as  positive representation for the community. With Nick and Charlie’s intimacy, there is the lesbian couple from Higgs and the respectful and tasteful transgender representation within Elle’s subplot. I am sad that she is not given more time in the novel but her added screentime does a great job at normalizing members of the LGBT community.

Does this show need a second season? Yes, I think so. Even though the added details aren’t stopping the progression of the novel, the themes within the adaptation can be helpful for watchers that aren’t members of the LGBT community. The film truly highlights how normal their gay relationship is. This even helped me open my own eyes to how much in common I have with these characters. Hopefully, Netflix and Sky Studios can continue to breathe life into these characters when season two releases in late 2023.