Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips During A Pandemic

Make sure to mask up with your Halloween costume!

Make sure to mask up with your Halloween costume!

Reagan Woody, Reporter

As Halloween looms around the corner, many people are debating whether or not to take their children Trick-or-Treating, due to the spreading of COVID-19. RCHS nurse Heidi Sheltman has tips to share to be able to trick or treat safely.

Sheltman says that group number size is important to enjoy the Halloween festivities safely. 

“I would say keep your group as small as possible, and always keep a 6 ft distance while wearing a mask,” said Sheltman. 

Some people may think of sanitizing the outside of a candy wrapper, but Sheltman suggests otherwise. 

I would think that that could contaminate the candy. I wouldn’t eat it,” said Sheltman.

Sheltman also suggests that homeowners get creative about how they hand out candy. “This could help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria,” said Sheltman.

“I would rather see people handing out candy from outside the home because there are less items to worry about cleaning. I would definitely clean the doorbell after every ring though,” said Sheltman.

It is recommended that precautions  be taken throughout the night to ensure safety at all times. 

“There is always a risk in catching the virus no matter where you are. One should take all precautions and avoid large groups of people. Use hand sanitizer throughout the evening,” said Sheltman.

Sheltman believes that Rockbridge County poses no more threats of COVID-9 than other places do. 

“I think that Rockbridge County has as much of a chance of spreading COVID-19 as anywhere else. It might not be a big area, but the positive tests are quickly rising,” said Sheltman.

It is recommended that personal Protective Equipment, like masks, be worn when out and about. 

“Masks should be worn when you are out in public and when you will be around other people,” said  Sheltman. “I wouldn’t wear them in my vehicle if I was alone or at home if just my family was there. Gloves are a little trickier. You would literally have to change your gloves after you touched anything at all,” said Sheltman. “The pairs of gloves that you would need to just go shopping would be an enormous amount. I only use gloves if I am with a person who is showing signs and symptoms.” 


Photo: Laura Frnka-Davis