Glenn Youngkin Elected To Be Virginia’s Next Governor


The winning candidate’s signs displayed outside of the Rockbridge Area Republican Committee building.

Reagan Woody, Opinion Editor

The polls are closed and the results are in. On Nov. 2, 2021, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin (R), won the office of Governor in the 2021 gubernatorial election of Virginia. Youngkin held the lead in the election by 67,294 votes, and will take office on Jan. 1, 2022. Along with the role of governor, candidates ran for other positions, such as Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. 

According to Youngkin’s day one plan, the governor-elect promises to protect Virginian’s Constitutional rights, defend Virginia’s law enforcement workers, and ban political agendas, such as the Critical Race Theory, from Virginia’s classrooms. Youngkin also plans to reinvigorate job growth by keeping Virginia as open as possible, and is promising Virginian’s that he will protect the unborn’s right to life by restricting abortion access across the state. 

The two other candidates who ran for the office of Governor were for former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), and Princess Blanding (Liberation). Runner-up candidate Terry McAuliffe managed to receive about 48.6 percent of Virginia’s votes, while Princess Blanding received about 0.7 percent of Virginia’s votes. 

According to the New York Times’s vote by county map, it showed that Rockbridge County generally voted red, with 69.1 percent of Rockbridge’s total votes being for Youngkin. Lexington City however, generally voted blue, with 62 percent of all votes being for McAuliffe. Buena Vista also was listed on this map, which showed that the city voted approximately 70 percent for Glenn Youngkin. 

Along with voting in a new Governor, the 2021 Gubernatorial election was historical for Virginia, as the state has not had a Republican governor since 2014. With the monumental red sweep that Virginia witnessed during the Nov. 2 election, history was also made as Winsome Sears (R), became the first Black woman to be elected to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor. A third office was voted for during this election, as Jason Miyares (R), was elected to serve as Virginia’s new Attorney General. 

Elections specifically for Rockbridge County were also held, and M. Catie Brown won a seat on Rockbridge County High School’s school board, while Dan Lyons and J. Lewis kept their seats on the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors. 

Rockbridge County High School Senior Peter Rappold, who voted in the 2021 General Election, shares his thoughts and experience on voting in this election. 

“It felt good being able to help decide who would be the next leader of Virginia, as well as doing my civic duty as an American to vote” says Rappold. 

When deciding who to vote for in this election, Rappold took a couple of factors into account. 

“When it came to selecting a candidate I not only used my head, but I used both my heart and my faith. I chose the candidate who I thought was more in line with my beliefs” says Rappold. 

Rappold also wishes to let other students around Rockbridge know just how important their voices are in these elections. 

Rappold continues, “Other students should go out and vote because it’s not just the future of Virginia that’s being decided. It will also contribute to the direction the United States will take in the years to come. It is also every American’s duty to go out and vote, because your voice matters.”  

Rockbridge County High School Government teacher Valerie Clay also shares her thoughts on the importance of students voting in general elections. 

“It is extremely important to vote in all elections because voting is an opportunity for each citizen’s voice to be heard.  Voting is an exercise of our free speech and showing up to vote only strengthens our democracy,” said Clay. 

Clay continues saying, “the elections of state and local political leaders are very important because those are the people that create and enforce the laws that affect us on a daily basis.” 

Clay suggests that each voter closely examines the character and political beliefs of each candidate before voting. 

You should look closely at the candidates and their beliefs. Which candidate more closely aligns with your beliefs and visions for the future of our area or society? said Clay. 

Along with making sure you have thought about the right candidate, Clay also stresses the importance of knowing how much your vote counts. 

“Make your voice heard! Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter, because it does!  If you enjoy the rights and freedoms our democracy provides then please do your part and exercise your right to vote.  The more that vote, the stronger the democracy.” said Clay. 

When the new Governor-Elect and other newly elected leaders take office in early Jan. 2022, Virginia is sure to see a change in its current policies. For a closer look at Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin’s day one plan, visit here. For a closer look at the General Election results and to view the results by county map, visit here

It is crucial for citizen’s to get out and vote, as all elections can drastically influence our communities. To register to vote if you have not done so, visit here. The deadline to vote is typically twenty-two days before an election.