Wildcats Send The Blues Back Home


Alexis Henk

Wildcats running through the banner before the game starts.

Sarah Phelps, News Editor

Rockbridge County High School hosted the first home game of the 2022 football season on Aug. 26. Before the game started, the field and stadium’s names were changed to Prasnicki-Ross Feid at Veteran Stadium. This change was made to honor two RCHS alumni, Chase Prasnicki and Andrew Ross, that died while serving the country in Afghanistan.

Mr. David Miller, an online education teacher, and his son were close to Andrew Ross.

“They both were great students and athletes here, great leaders too,” said Miller. “It will always be something cool to go see and look at when you are thinking about them.”

For the first home game of the season, the Wildcats played against the rival school, Parry Mccluer High School. Before the game, the Varsity Wildcats had held a five year win streak against them.

The football game on Aug. 26 changed the five year win streak to a six year win streak as the Wildcats won 32 – 29.

By the end of the first half, the Wildcats were winning and spirits held high, but during the third quarter the Blues took the lead. In the last few minutes of the game, Running Back Isaiah Williams scored a 23 yard touchdown in the last 17.3 seconds that won the game.

Brady Edwards, Sophomore Offensive Tackle and Defensive End, started on defense for the first time on Varsity.

“My highlight of the game was getting a major tackle on a big punt loss for us,” said Edwards.

Junior Ieva Grumdmane, a forgein exchange student from Latvia, attended her second football game in the United States.

“It was really intense, how they needed to score a touchdown in the last minute, but it was fun,” said Grumdmane.

The next Varsity football game is against Western Albemarle on Sept. 1 at Rockbridge County High School. Visit the Rockbridge Athletic Page for more information.