Red, White and Royal Blue: A Review


The cover of “Red, White and Royal Blue”

Bee Sackett, Reporter

    Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston takes place in a fictionalized but not unrealistic version of our world. The technology, media, and all general concepts are identical to the real world. However, the president is a woman, Ellen Claremont. Despite this great progress and achievement, “Red, White and Royal Blue” is not about her, but about her son Alex. Alex is a hardworking, incredibly intelligent, and fantastically kind person. “Red, White and Royal Blue” tells the story of how Alex falls in love…with the prince of England. Their relationship goes from enemies to reluctant friends, to real friends, to an adorable couple destined to be together forever.

    While remaining mostly upbeat, this book definitely has some more sorrowful moments. Throughout all their ups and downs, Alex and Henry, the prince of England, stay together and rely on each other to keep them sane. Not everyone likes their relationship though, numerous people try to take them down or ruin their parents’ lives by revealing their relationship to the public. Through thick and thin, these two, in addition to their friends and siblings, show the power of kindness, love, determination, and loyalty. 

    Every single one of the main, non-antagonistic characters in Red, White, and Royal Blue could, would, and should serve as a role model for anyone and everyone. They all have their flaws, about that there is no doubt, but deep down every last one is a kind, genuine person with nothing but the best of intentions at heart. 

    Not only is the story of this novel fantastic, but the style is quite frankly to die for. McQuiston’s writing is engrossing and steals hours from the reader. She ropes you in with flashy openings and bold hooks, then she makes you laugh, cry, contemplate, and smile on every page. Red, White and Royal Blue is an emotional rollercoaster that is absolutely worth reading, maybe even a few times.