Kanye West vs Pete Davidson: The Rockbridge Rundown


Pete Davidson and Kanye West (Source: Etcanada)

Seamus Looney, Reporter

After a six year long marriage and four kids, Kim Kardashian officially filed for a divorce with superstar Kanye West on Feb. 19, 2021. 

As time passed, rumors emerged that Kim had moved on to a new relationship. In Nov. 2021, she was seen in public with popular comedian and ex of Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson. Their relationship was later confirmed on social media. However, Kanye was not the biggest fan of his former wife’s new boyfriend. He was very critical of their relationship on Instagram, and also was transparent regarding custody issues over social media. 

West has since taken his beef into his music, making comments in some of his newer releases about Pete Davidson and his employers at SNL. 

Through months of petty activities by all the Kardashians, Pete Davidson, and Kanye himself, the feud began to add more superstars. West got music star Kid Cudi involved after telling fans that he will not be featured on his album because he is friends with “you know who” in reference to Davidson. Cudi has since responded on a few occasions, and Kanye continuously posts memes clowning Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian.

As the social media war continued, on the legal side of things in early March,West and Kardashian began their time in court regarding Kardashian’s divorce petition. That same day, West released the music video for his single “Eazy.” The video depicted an animated Pete Davidson getting kidnapped and put in a bag. West even added a final remark which said, “EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER / EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO / JK HE’S FINE.”

The feud is still continuing and more people are beginning to pick sides on social media. Many people are under the impression that Kanye is being childish and needs to grow up, while West fans and supporters blame Pete “Skete” Davidson for the whole situation.

Personally, I find the celebrity feud comical. I am fans of both of the men involved and think it is funny to see people of their status act in such a childish manner. I will still listen to Kanye’s music and still watch Pete Davidson’s stuff. 

Some students, however, are a bit more passionate about which side of the feud they’re on.

Senior Jaden Richmond is Team Pete Davidson because,

“He took Kanye girl.”

On the other hand senior John Gregory sided with Kanye simply because,

“He made Taylor Swift famous.”

On that note, Drop the Mic.