Kaleidoscope Proves To Be Thriller!

Kaleidoscope show poster, courtesy of Netfilx,from Netflix.

Kaleidoscope show poster, courtesy of Netflix,from Netflix.

Cohen Paxton, Reporter

If you are like me, then it is a constant struggle to find new shows to watch. It seems like all shows now are cut from the same cloth and getting more and more basic as time goes on. With every show I watch, I just wait for someone to come out with something unique. Fortunately, Netflix broke the norm and released a show by the name of Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope tells the story of a group of people who break into a very high tech vault. The vault they break into holds amounts of money that the members of the group could have only imagined. Not only does the show the events that lead up to the heist and how they prepared for it, but it also shows all the smaller robberies they pulled off to get ready for the big one. Depending on what episode you start on, you may start out with seeing the characters build the relationship that they have in the later episodes.

The show has eight episodes, each named after a color, and they all are set in a different part of the heist. Something else that I find so cool about this show is that there is not a set order to watch it. When you go to Netflix and hit play, it starts you on a random episode. For example, I started on episode “Pink” which takes place 12 months after the heist had already happened. At first I did not know if I would like how the show did not have a set start, but I soon found out that I absolutely loved it. 

While watching this show, I was constantly on the edge of my seat, and once I started it was hard to take a break. The writers of this show did an amazing job of making sure to give each main character plenty of screen time. I really felt like I was able to form a relationship with each character and that is something I look for in a show. Something else that I find very interesting in this show is even after it starts you at a random place it still jumps around. For example, I said I started on episode Pink which is 12 months after the heist, I then got sent to episode “Yellow” which is six weeks before the heist. 

The thing that I might like the most about this show is the cast themselves. I can not remember seeing any of these actors in any other show and I love that because it does not allow me to tie the actor to another show or character they play.

Eric Garcia, the writer of the show, did an absolutely amazing job on writing this show and making it different from TV shows today.  I loved my time watching, and strongly suggest Kaleidoscope to anyone who is looking for something good to watch.