2022-2023 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Maxwell Pearson Editor-in-Chief See Maxwell Pearson’s profile
See Maxwell Pearson’s profile
Reagan Woody Editor-in-Chief See Reagan Woody’s profile
See Reagan Woody’s profile
Heidi Schwarzmann Managing Editor See Heidi Schwarzmann’s profile
See Heidi Schwarzmann’s profile
Emma Brooke Artistic Director See Emma Brooke’s profile
See Emma Brooke’s profile
Eleanor Dare Sports Editor See Eleanor Dare’s profile
See Eleanor Dare’s profile
Sean Martino Assistant Sports Editor See Sean Martino’s profile
See Sean Martino’s profile
Sarah Phelps News Editor See Sarah Phelps’s profile
See Sarah Phelps’s profile
Evan Roney Arts and Styles Editor See Evan Roney’s profile
See Evan Roney’s profile
Bee Sackett Opinion Editor See Bee Sackett’s profile
See Bee Sackett’s profile
Hallie Darmante Social Media Manager See Hallie Darmante’s profile
See Hallie Darmante’s profile
Cameron Terry Reporter See Cameron Terry’s profile
See Cameron Terry’s profile
Nala Shearer Reporter See Nala Shearer’s profile
See Nala Shearer’s profile
Drew Potter Reporter See Drew Potter’s profile
See Drew Potter’s profile
Cohen Paxton Reporter See Cohen Paxton’s profile
See Cohen Paxton’s profile
Micah Mayr Reporter See Micah Mayr’s profile
See Micah Mayr’s profile
Oscar Kosky Reporter See Oscar Kosky’s profile
See Oscar Kosky’s profile
Emily Humphreys Reporter See Emily Humphreys’s profile
See Emily Humphreys’s profile
River Hull Reporter See River Hull’s profile
See River Hull’s profile
Addie Flint Reporter See Addie Flint’s profile
See Addie Flint’s profile
Grace Fleshman Reporter See Grace Fleshman’s profile
See Grace Fleshman’s profile
Maddie Dahl Reporter See Maddie Dahl’s profile
See Maddie Dahl’s profile
Taina Covington Reporter See Taina Covington’s profile
See Taina Covington’s profile
Sinthya Cruz-Perez Reporter See Sinthya Cruz-Perez’s profile
See Sinthya Cruz-Perez’s profile
McKenzie Alley Reporter See McKenzie Alley’s profile
See McKenzie Alley’s profile
Eliot McDonald Reporter See Eliot McDonald’s profile
See Eliot McDonald’s profile
Emma Bates Reporter See Emma Bates’s profile
See Emma Bates’s profile
Ronald Berry Reporter See Ronald Berry’s profile
See Ronald Berry’s profile
Faith Mohr Reporter See Faith Mohr’s profile
See Faith Mohr’s profile
Nic Vargas Reporter See Nic Vargas’s profile
See Nic Vargas’s profile
Paul Drumbl Reporter See Paul Drumbl’s profile
See Paul Drumbl’s profile
Mackenzie Mynes Reporter See Mackenzie Mynes’s profile
See Mackenzie Mynes’s profile
Baileigh Ramsey Reporter See Baileigh Ramsey’s profile
See Baileigh Ramsey’s profile
Stephen Wells Reporter See Stephen Wells’s profile
See Stephen Wells’s profile
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