2021-2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Ella Vaught Editor in Chief See Ella Vaught’s profile
See Ella Vaught’s profile
Grace Shaw Social Media Manager See Grace Shaw’s profile
See Grace Shaw’s profile
Maxwell Pearson Online Layout Editor See Maxwell Pearson’s profile
See Maxwell Pearson’s profile
Eleanor Dare Sports Editor See Eleanor Dare’s profile
See Eleanor Dare’s profile
Adam Elrod Arts and Style Editor See Adam Elrod’s profile
See Adam Elrod’s profile
Heidi Schwarzmann News Editor See Heidi Schwarzmann’s profile
See Heidi Schwarzmann’s profile
Reagan Woody Opinion Editor See Reagan Woody’s profile
See Reagan Woody’s profile
Blake Darmante Broadcast Editor See Blake Darmante’s profile
See Blake Darmante’s profile
Bee Sackett Reporter See Bee Sackett’s profile
See Bee Sackett’s profile
Braden Hamilton Reporter See Braden Hamilton’s profile
See Braden Hamilton’s profile
Caroline Diette Reporter See Caroline Diette’s profile
See Caroline Diette’s profile
Morgan Slusser Reporter See Morgan Slusser’s profile
See Morgan Slusser’s profile
Kinsie Ellis Reporter See Kinsie Ellis’s profile
See Kinsie Ellis’s profile
Hallie Darmante Reporter See Hallie Darmante’s profile
See Hallie Darmante’s profile
Stephen Wells Reporter See Stephen Wells’s profile
See Stephen Wells’s profile
Kyle Goodbar Reporter See Kyle Goodbar’s profile
See Kyle Goodbar’s profile
Carter Cook Reporter See Carter Cook’s profile
See Carter Cook’s profile
Sarah Phelps Reporter See Sarah Phelps’s profile
See Sarah Phelps’s profile
Seamus Looney Reporter See Seamus Looney’s profile
See Seamus Looney’s profile
Emma Brooke Reporter See Emma Brooke’s profile
See Emma Brooke’s profile
Evan Roney Reporter See Evan Roney’s profile
See Evan Roney’s profile
Ben Haskett Reporter See Ben Haskett’s profile
See Ben Haskett’s profile
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