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Results from the Dr Pepper poll

Dr Pepper Flavors Fascinate Students

Emma Bates, Reporter March 27, 2023

Dr Pepper is a soda that was created in the 1950s by a man named Charles Alderton.  According to Charles Alderton was a young pharmacist who worked at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco Texas....

I Kissed Shara Wheeler cover, courtesy of Macmillan Publishers, from

I Kissed Shara Wheeler: A Review

Bee Sackett, Opinion Editor March 20, 2023

Casey McQuiston, bestselling author of One Last Stop and Red, White, and Royal Blue, has released a new novel: I Kissed Shara Wheeler. Their first YA book, I Kissed Shara Wheeler follows Chloe Green, one...

“You” season four poster from IMDB.

“You” Impresses Fans With Fourth Season

Sarah Phelps, News Editor March 20, 2023

The first part of the fourth season of the Netflix Original show, “You,” aired on Feb. 9, and the second part of the fourth season aired March 9. For three seasons, the main character, Joe Goldberg,...

Poll with student responses about their opinion on Gomez and Bieber

“Seleners” Unite Against Hailey Bieber

Heidi Schwarzmann, Managing Editor March 20, 2023

The latest hot gossip on Tik Tok is the drama between singer and actress Selena Gomez and Nepo Baby Hailey Baldwin Bieber. The controversy began in late January when Baldwin posted a Tik Tok alongside...

The Lariat

OBX Season 3, first big media let down of ‘23

Eliot McDonald, Reporter March 16, 2023

Since the release of Outer Banks on Netflix in 2020, the treasure hunting and drama filled show has been an absolute hit with each season, leaving viewers longing for more. The show comes out with a new...

Darth Jar Jar is Real

Paul Drumbl, Reporter March 9, 2023

One of the most controversial characters from the Star Wars prequel trilogy is Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar is a Gungan, which is an amphibious race from the planet of Naboo. Many Star Wars fans complain about...

A student drinking a sugar-free monster during class.

Monster Versus Red Bull

Sarah Phelps, News Editor March 2, 2023

Currently, there are more than 34 Monster Energy Drink flavors and only 16 Red Bull Energy Drink flavors. Recently, I have been getting more into the energy drink scene and have found that I favor Monsters...

Rihanna Evokes “SOS” For Fans

Rihanna Evokes “SOS” For Fans

Heidi Schwarzmann, Managing Editor March 1, 2023

While many looked forward to watching the Super Bowl this year, there was a significant population of people watching for another reason: the halftime show. This year, musical artist Rihanna performed...

Sophomore Alexandra Hall scrolls through popular Grammys outfits.

Outfits at the 2023 Grammy’s Give a Jaw Dropping Effect

Grace Fleshman, Reporter February 28, 2023

Each year, I look forward to tuning in to the Grammy awards. Not only are the actual awards thrilling to watch, but the outfits are exciting to see every year.  One of my favorite things to do is rank...

Results for students favorite streaming services.

Netflix’s Downfall and Why it’s Happening

Mackenzie Mynes, Reporter February 27, 2023

Many streaming services, like Prime Video and Hulu, have been around since the early 2010’s.  However, the amount of streaming services have recently skyrocketed and have changed the course of our media...

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