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Spring Fashion Rolling In

Lola Mulitalo
Senior Micah Mayr and junior Sofia Smith show off their spring styles

With spring right around the corner, students are starting to put away their coats and bring out their shorts. Although this seems very insignificant, to a highschooler this may be very important. Some students in RCHS are very expressive with their style and take it very seriously.
Junior Sofia Smith is one of many students at RCHS that dress to impress. Smith talked about how she organizes her winter and spring clothing.
“I store my spring and summer clothes in the attic during the winter and then bring everything out during the spring,” said Smith.
The changes in seasonal clothing is a very common practice that almost everyone partrakes in. This change could be for color, layers, aesthetic, and many more reasons that differ from season to season.
Smith talks about how different her fashion is in the winter compared to how it is in the spring.
“My style usually changes from layers and earthy toned colors in the winter to more simple and colorful in the spring and summer,” said Smith.
Summer and spring are famous for their popping colors. Trying to match that energy with a colorful outfit could just be the one thing that ties the season together. These different energies could come in many ways depending on where someone lives and what kind of aesthetic they like.
Senior Micah Mayr is a student that often changes his attire from season to season. Mayr shares how his style changes from winter to spring.
“The only difference is the signature pieces that I wear depending on the season. For winter, I have a few main signature jackets, and the same thing for summer and spring. I just rotate them in and out depending on the season,” said Mayr.
Just how Smith changes between seasonal colors, and “signature clothing” changes for Mayr, the changing of seasons can be a reason to try new styles and bring back old ones.

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Quincy Speers
Quincy Speers, Reporter
Quincy McCall Speers is a Junior at Rockbridge County High School and a first year Prowler member.  He is a Co-President of the RCHS Outing Club and loves to use words such as, “word, real, unreal, and electric.” Speers is really good at winning class elections, pickleball trash talk, and silly little puzzles. He is a part of NHS, the lacrosse team, spikeball club, and the Joey Chestnut fan club. Lacrosse is Speers’ second passion behind watching Netflix Romantic Comedies. Speers is excited for this school year and seeing his peers.  

Lola Mulitalo
Lola Mulitalo, Reporter
Sophomore Lola Mulitalo is a  first year reporter for theProwler. She loves being funny - some might even call her the dad joker. Lola always has a dad joke ready and can make any crowd stay quiet. When Lola isn’t cracking jokes, she likes to watch Tangled and compete in National Cotton Candy Eating Races. Lola participates in RCHS girls lacrosse team and basketball team. Although Lola likes to play basketball, lacrosse is where she thrives the most. After high school Lola plans on partnering with Elon Musk to continue charter flights to the moon and back. Mulitalo is thrilled to be in the journalism group and can’t wait to get started. 

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