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Fortnite: The end of an era

As Fortnite releases a new season, and with it, bringing the old map back and millions of players follow. This season brought back a lot of old things which haven’t been seen on the Fortnite scene in years.

Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter game that released on Sept. 26, 2017 which included the aspect that differed from many games, building. The summer of 2017 Fortnite boomed after it hit all platforms other than mobile as a free to play game. The building aspect alongside the ability to play solo, duos, squad, and now trios put Fortnite into light by producing a difference in the gaming community. 

According to Fortnite’s twitter, the new addition brought back a booming 45 million players, and racked up 102 million hours of play on Nov. 4 alone. The nostalgic scenery mixed in with reunions with friends in the game has made an impact on the gaming community. Chapter 4 OG, the new season, is ranked 2nd against  the past 25 seasons according to  the public’s  opinion. 

With the return of new players, we asked RCHS Fortnite players their Fortnite abilities.

Junior Ethen Camden talks about his ranks. 

“I’m Unreal, and I’m level 55,” said Camden. “I play on my personal computer and I’ve been playing since Chapter 1 Season 5, so I’m an OG.”  

 Sophomore Finbar Looney speaks about his ranks.

 “I do not indulge in any sorts of ranked play, so I’m tier 76 in the regular battle pass,”  said Looney. 

Fortnite is also a cross console game, which means that it can be played on many different gaming devices. These consoles include PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This allows gameplay no matter what console you have, this means that any console can play with any console.  

When asked what device Finbar plays on and for how long,“ I play on Xbox, and I’ve been playing since Chapter 1 Season 4, so I’m undoubtedly an OG.” Looney said

An OGs of Fortnite is someone who’s played since the 1st chapter which was released in September of 2017.  The nickname is given as a sign of how many times you’ve played  Fortnite. The title of an OG is very respectable and earns praise by the gaming community.


Fortnite OG ended on Saturday Dec. 2, and a new season followed. The season is named “Underground”. The new map came after The Big Bang, which was Fortnite’s live event for this season. The event included aspects from past live events such as the rocket, Kevin the cube, and the meteor. There was also a concert in collaboration with Eminem, which included him singing his song, “Lose Yourself”. This season comes with new features like weapon attachments, new walking mechanics, and new game modes. The game modes include collaborations with Lego, Rocket League, and Festival, a music making game mode.

As Fortnite OG, which brought back millions of players, comes to an end, the start of a new Fortnite begins.  

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