Summer 2021 Brings New Music

Olivia Rodrigos Sour

Adam Elrod, Arts and Style Editor

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This summer was a big time for new music releases. From Drake taking hype to a new level with “Wants and Needs,” to Bo Bhurnam’s renowned social commentary from his Netflix show “Inside”. However, the most influential album coming from this summer is Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour”. Her emotion in the album is so versatile; and the music allows you to scream it in the car at your boyfriend or scream it to your ex from the bathroom. Rodrigo started her rise to fame while she was acting on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” . After she was dumped by her co-star and left broken-hearted, she decided to take her swing at music to send a message to her ex. Originally released as a single, her song Driver’s License took the world by storm. The sad fangirls of TikTok ignited the music career Rodrigo was building. As time went on, her song “Good 4 u” quickly rose on billboards, and started to take TikTok by storm. Soon, a trend was started in which girls in healthy relationships would sing the harsh breakup song to their boyfriends. This trend jump started the rest of her album as more and more people began to discover her music. Soon enough the whole “Sour” album was the talk of the town in the social media world. While the album has become increasingly popular, it seems as though Rodrigo has yet to discover her genre and niche in the music industry.