RC Pizza Review


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Kyle Goodbar, Reporter

The views expressed in this article belong to the reporter, and do not reflect the views held by Rockbridge County High School, the Prowler Staff, and its members.

RC Pizza is a new pizza restaurant that opened up ever since Naples by Walmart had closed down. I was a huge fan of Naples when I was younger so I was rather sad to see it go. 

Frankly, I was a bit harsh on RC Pizza at first. So, I decided to try the place out for myself. Recently, I went there and was genuinely surprised by the quality. The restaurant was spotless and you could actually see the time and effort the owners took to make their restaurant presentable. The tables were spotless, our plates were so shiny I could see my own reflection in it, and our seats were also as clean as could be. I was told beforehand that there were gluten free options, which was great news for me. For context, I have Celiac Disease which, simply put, is a gluten intolerance. It is always hard to find good quality gluten free options so that is why I am very pleased with RC Pizza. 

For starters, the staff seems extremely friendly and outgoing. It made for a very relaxing dinner experience. The waitress who served us was full of energy and extremely bubbly and outgoing. She was very friendly to my young sister, making sure she felt welcomed and heard during our order. 

Now, for the reason I went there in the first place – to review the food. I ordered a gluten free pizza with pepperoni. After the first bite, I knew it would not disappoint. Gluten free pizza is very hard to make and it is even harder to make it taste good.

 I’m sure you’re asking, “but there are so many pizza places around the globe. What makes RC Pizza so special?” The answer to that question is simply just for the service they provide. Many pizza places just take your order and slam your food on your table and do not say another word to you. This restaurant is so different from that. They actually make you feel at home. They make you feel welcomed. They make sure you are comfortable. They make sure you are safe. With the world we are living in right now, it is welcomed to see the sheer level of hospitality with these people. It is important to build those connections with people, even if it is just a short conversation. We spend so much time eating, so why not just enjoy the experience with the people who serve it to you? RC Pizza is an incredible establishment. They provide service in stellar fashion and I highly recommend going there for yourself.