Hubie Halloween


IMBD Movies: Hubie Halloween

Morgan Slusser, Reporter

On Oct. 7 a  new movie called Hubie Halloween was featured on Netflix. The Netflix Original starring Adam Sandler as Main Character Hubie Dubios has only been on Netflix for two weeks and has already received a spot in the top four U.S. today category. The Halloween comedy has received some mixed reviews from critics and other spectators, so I was happy to sit down and review it myself. Looking back, I’m glad I did because it’s pretty different from any halloween movie I’ve seen in the past. 

The movie takes place in “Halloween Town, USA,” also known as Salem, Massachusetts during halloween season. Hubie Dubois, who lives with his loving mother and is known as the joke of the town, has one goal on Halloween night: to monitor the town and keep everyone in Salem safe. While everyone laughs at Hubie and tells him he is crazy, Hubie is too busy to listen because he is about to discover a murder mystery right in his own neighborhood. 

Hubie Halloween contains many highs and lows, from Hubies neighbor suspected of being a werewolf, to Hubie teaching his high school crush’s children about Halloween safety. The movie is dramatic and keeps you on your toes. The Netflix Original can be described as a comedy horror, and it is just that. You can’t help but laugh at the well written jokes whilst still being frightened about who and where the town killer is.

The cast couldn’t have been better picked, with actors and actresses such as Noah Shnapp, Paris Berelc, Julie Bowen, Karan Brar, Kevin James, and of course, Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler was definitely in his element in this movie. The Happy Gilmore actor is well known for being goofy and for bringing any Comedy movie to life. He did a phenomenal job as Hubie, and he not only left the audience laughing at him, but with him as well. 

Hubie Halloween is a great halloween movie with a cute message behind it in the end. Will either be on the edge of your seat wondering who the killer is or on the floor laughing at the cheesy jokes. I think it’s a great halloween movie for those who are not into traditional horror movies. Hubie Halloween has become one of my favorites, and I encourage you to watch it yourself.