Gina’s Opens its Doors in Lexington


Gina’s Italian Restaurant

Kinsie Ellis, Reporter

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Gina’s Opens its Doors in Lexington

Gina’s is a new Italian restaurant that just opened up next to the Food Lion behind the Hardee’s in Lexington. It serves a lunch and dinner menu featuring many popular Italian cuisines. It has ranked four out of five stars on Google Review and with this in mind, I wanted to try it out to know if it was truly worth the hype.

I decided to go on a Friday afternoon with four of my friends. We were immediately welcomed by two of the staff members and asked if we needed any help. At first glance I noticed the restaurant was very clean and organized. They had both indoor and outdoor seating so we decided to sit outside. The atmosphere was quite nice and the window into the restaurant was one sided so we were not able to see the people inside eating. 

The waitress was very kind and welcoming. She gave us our menus and gave us plenty of time to look for the food we wanted. There were many options of food ranging from calzones to ravioli and even to chicken tenders. Each of my friends and I were able to find something we would enjoy. It took a little longer than expected for our food to come out, but the waitress apologized for our wait. This could have been because it was very busy. 

  I got baked ziti accompanied by garlic bread and salad. I was beyond pleased with my meal. The noodles were soft with a delicious sauce on top. To finish off the ziti a generous layer of cheese was melted on top. I would not say this is the best baked ziti I have ever had, but it is a close contender. Each of my friends were able to get different Italian meals. There were no complaints for any of them. They seemed to enjoy the meal just as much as I did. Everyone had plenty to eat and a few of my friends even took home leftovers to later enjoy. Each meal was under 15 dollars with a tip and drink.

Overall, I would say this restaurant has a lot to offer. It is not my favorite Italian place, but it has a truly homey atmosphere. The staff there are delightful and efficient. My group was definitely a bit rowdy, but they were more than accommodating. The pricing seems to be fair for the amount of food you receive. You will definitely leave there full, if not stuffed. The taste was as expected. I would rate Gina’s a fourout of fivestars. I believe it is a great addition to Lexington  and that we should all go support this local business.