The Debate Between Real and Fake Trees


My Christmas Tree – Very Classy

Grace Shaw, Social Media Manager

The views expressed in this article belong to the reporter, and do not reflect the views held by Rockbridge County High School, the Prowler Staff, and its members.

Another year has passed and once again we have arrived at what is deemed as “the most wonderful time of year.” For most families this means spending more time together, going shopping, visiting relatives, and decorating for the holidays. For many homes in the United States, the most crucial piece of decoration during the holiday season is the Christmas Tree.  

Not only is it important to get the right colored lights, the perfect ornaments, and the best decor to match it all, what kind of tree you have is vital too. Every year the debate returns, real or fake? Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to this argument, but it all boils down to preference in the end. 

At RCHS, we have a good mix of students with both fake trees and with real trees at home. 

One student, freshman Addie Flint is a supporter of a fake tree for the holiday season. 

“My family puts up fake trees every year because we always do multiple trees,” said Flint, “That way things are a little easier when it comes to setting up and decorating.”

While some feel that fake is the way to go, we also have students who support the real, evergreen Christmas tree. Senior Thomas McAloon is one of those students.

“A real tree is always the way to go. The family experience and tradition of cutting down a real tree along with hanging lights and ornaments is the best way to kick off the holiday season,” said McAloon. 

Students appear to have very strong feelings in the preference of a real or fake tree. 

“Real trees are absolutely better,” said McAloon,  “Fake trees don’t have the same appearance and don’t give off that Christmas scent that a real tree does.” 

However, there is a fair argument for fake trees’ superiority. 

“Bugs. They are so gross,” said Flint, “Fake trees mean no creatures crawling through my house.”

So which is better? Real or fake? Personally, I feel real trees are the winners in this debate. Nothing beats cutting down that tree in the middle of a field with your family, bringing it home and trimming it, then hanging lights and ornaments with the faint smell of evergreen wafting through your home. Sure there are downsides, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Despite the debate, it is you and your family’s decision to make in the end.