The Worst Christmas Dishes of All Time Christmas Dinner Spread Christmas Dinner Spread

Hallie Darmante, Reporter

The views expressed in this article belong to the reporter, and do not reflect the views held by Rockbridge County High School, the Prowler Staff, and its members.

How many times during December do you look up different recipes to “spruce” up your holiday season? Maybe it’s a friend you’re trying to impress, a new family member, or even your neighbor. For whomever will become victim to your holiday cooking, you want to make sure that they can genuinely enjoy your hard work.  

Most people during the holidays think that in order to accomplish this feat they have to research the “best holiday recipes ever.” Surprisingly, what’s more effective is taking a look at the worst recipes ever. 

Today we will be examining some of the worst Christmas dishes and why you should never have them on your menu during the festive season. 

The first dish that should never be included on the holiday menu is Mac’n Cheese. This cheesy delicacy is delicious and can attract large crowds anywhere. Though it has a well-known popularity, this dish takes away from the feel of Christmas. It makes an eloquent atmosphere seem mediocre and cliche. This dish is for comforting and warming the insides-why are we eating comfort food on Christmas? I know families can be stressful, but this dish should be enjoyed after the festivities are over. 

Another dish that should not be allowed on the table during Christmas is gravy. It should strictly be classified as a Thanksgiving food. This liquid adds no spice to your season and only serves as yet another dish that someone has to make. All of that said, I would encourage the reader to take a step back and truly ask themselves how essential this chunky brown sauce is to their enjoyment. 

Apple cider is a “cari-BOO” because of it’s fall flavor. Hear me out- the only reason you are able to drink hot chocolate during December is because you can add peppermint and eggnog to enhance the seasonal feel. You can’t accomplish the seasonal feel with just apple cider. 

This brings me to my final opinion. Pumpkin pie is quite possibly the worst holiday dessert mistake that could be made for family and friends. Again, this is a Thanksgiving tradition that completely overshadows Christmas spirit. Try something new! Maybe a berry pie or a whipped peppermint cupcake? Step out of your box and don’t be afraid to spruce things up! 

In order to properly “sleigh” your holiday seasons, step away from those holiday cliches and embrace all of the flavor and recipes of Christmas. When the last leaf falls and the Christmas records play, it’s okay to trade out your pumpkin spice with some peppermint sticks.