College Football Predictions, Expectations, and Anticipations

College Football is going to be a whirlwind this year with a slew of powerhouse teams fighting for the National Championship title. Photo Credit:

Maxwell Pearson, Editor-in-Chief

I know my favorite time of year is approaching when the leaves start to change, the air gets nippy, the apples and pumpkins fill the home, and everyone crowds around the TV to watch the greatest sporting season of all time: college football. There is truly no better way to kick off the fall than with the sound of the marching band as collegiate athletes represent their schools through rigorous competition. This year, college football is being more anticipated than ever and expectations are through the roof for some of last-year’s outstanding teams.

Alabama uprooted Georgia’s undefeated season last season by taking the trophy for both the SEC Championship in December, but Georgia got their revenge by winning the National Championship in January. Considered the “Super Bowl of college football”, the National Championship winner each year is guaranteed to be the front runner in high school recruitment. Georgia did just that by signing five 5-star high school commits, and Alabama with three. And that was just in the high school arena. 

The transfer portal is gaining in popularity and it keeps any college football fan on their toes. Because of the lack of fiscal contracts, any player can switch to any other school at any point in order to guarantee a better program, coaching staff, or more playing time. The portal this summer was jam-packed, which could make this upcoming season an interesting one. No team’s roster is anywhere close to similar to last years, so what happens this season is purely reliant on one thing: recruitment.

Georgia really seems to be in the thick of their stride and after taking down Oregon 49-3 last week, it looks like it would take a powerhouse to jolt them. However, they should not get too comfortable in their throne. Many teams that either got their footing last year or stepped up their game over the summer with new players and coaches have a chance to take down the Bulldogs. 

Texas A&M lost a number of players to the NFL draft only to reload with a slew of impressive recruits and transfers to play alongside their returning quarterback, Haynes King. Texas is also in the running to be at the top of the rankings, but must fine-tune an offensive line and wide receivers quickly to match their passing talent. The highly anticipated and fought-over signing of 5-star high school quarterback, Arch Manning, the nephew of NFL legends Eli and Peyton Manning, went to Texas over the summer. 

Ohio State’s program also seems to be getting bigger and better with each year, attracting recruits who originally had their eyes set on the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Michigan seemed to be moving up in the ranking, but many are questioning the true talent of their quarterback. LSU brought in a new coach after Coach O’s 6-year reign over their football program that came crashing down after winning the national championship in 2019. If their new coach can pull that program together quickly, I think they could be a force to be reckoned with in the next few seasons, if not this one. Ole Miss lost their renowned quarterback Matt Corral to the league, but over the summer, their coach Lane Kiffin put together a running offense that seems to be the best in the SEC so far. 

Georgia seems to be the big, bad, bully of college football at the moment, but even they know that with the skills coming up and through the portal their reign may be short-lived. In my opinion, this year’s season should be full of upsets in season and bowl games, changing rosters and transfers, and conflict over the expanding SEC, and National Championship trophy that could be anyone’s to claim.