Model UN Breakfasts Held to Expand Membership

Lily Moreschi, Opinions Editor

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The Model United Nations Club is expanding its activity within the school by holding breakfasts on Tuesdays, every other week.
“They’re a part of an effort to increase opportunities for members to grow in their confidence,” said senior Caroline McCain, one of the Model UN Student Chairs.
McCain feels that the breakfasts will help members to become better prepared for future debates.
“It’s a way for people to learn more about issues and learn both sides before they show up to debates,” said McCain. “At each meeting, one of the leaders will give a presentation on a topic relevant to one of our upcoming events. This way they’ll have prior knowledge and be able to form a foundation.”
As of right now, the breakfasts meetings are scheduled to be every other Tuesday in Room 104.
“They’re going to start around 8:00 before school,” said McCain. “We’re going to provide snack food breakfast items like donuts every week, but not a full on breakfast.”
McCain hopes that the breakfast will help increase club interest by creating an easier time to participate.
“I think they’re important to the club because there are a lot of people who are interested in the club who are just so busy on weekends that they’re not able to come to simulation sessions,” said McCain. “It gives them an opportunity to participate when they wouldn’t normally be able to.”
She also feels that the sessions will make regular club meetings seem less intimidating to potential members.
“I’m hoping they’ll remove some of the pressure involved with the club, because it can be kind of intimidating when you hear the words ‘debate’ and ‘current events,’” said McCain. “If you don’t know what’s happening, you might feel pretty intimidated. I think they’re a good way to remove some of the fears surrounding the club.”