Latin Club Says “Salve”


Latin Club playing Roman game.

Stephanie Weisberger, Reporter

There is new energy surrounding the Latin Club this year, with bi-weekly meetings that began on Aug. 29. During the meeting, students enjoyed snacks, while learning about the Latin language, culture, and club activities.

         The meetings will start with an interesting fact as well as an activity. Participants will learn a Latin fact, make crafts, and share snacks.

        Junior Grace Frascati, co-president of the Latin Club, wanted to revive the Latin Club this year.   

       “Latin is the root for many languages and the club wants students, whether they take Latin in school or not, to come and learn about Latin,” said Frascati. “The biggest activity that the Latin Club is involved in is the Latin Convention that will take place Nov. 24 and 25. This is a chance for students to share their knowledge of Latin.” 

       Junior Darren White, co-president of the Latin Club, shared information about the convention.

       “The theme this year is “Omnes…summa ope niti decet, ne vitam silentio transeant ”- It befits all to strive with the greatest effort, lest they pass their lives in silence”, said White.

          Dr. Patrick Bradley has been  the Latin Club sponsor for 17 years.

         “The Latin Convention is basically like a Latin jamboree. It is about 1700 to 1800 Latin students from around the state gathering in Richmond, Va. to have two days of Latin and ancient Roman centered activities,” said Bradley. “There are competition tests, art, and performances. There are guest speakers that talk about all sorts of interesting things that you don’t normally hear in class. There is a Latin banquet where everyone is in togas. Basically,  it’s a bunch of people getting together to have fun studying ancient Latin and ancient Rome.”

        Bradley will be attending the Latin Convention again this year.

       “I am looking forward to having some new students go to the Latin Convention. I like to see the art that the students make, and I love it when they are willing to do a performance,” said Bradley.