Art Class sculpts New Projects

Beckett Howe, Reporter

Students in art classes have started on new projects. They are now working on sculptures made out of discarded items and trash. Art teacher Erin Allen assigned the project. 

  “We did a virtual tour of 12 sculptures, afterwards, they would be inspired by one and then make a sculpture of their own with the materials given to them,” said Allen. 

These sculptures come along with challenges because of how random the material is and how it requires critical thinking when assembling, as well as making it appear as your subject.

“We got donations of trash and junk, and all sorts of undesirable items,” said Allen. “They pick a subject to sculpt, and then they use the junk donations to make a sculpture.”

Sculptures are usually made out of marble or another median, but Allen had other ideas.

“Not only is it a unit of the school year,” said Allen, “but it also inspires a new way of thinking. It makes the students think about using unconventional items and utilize them for a different purpose.” 

The sculptures have been made, but there are still struggles with them.

Junior Allison Reynolds talks about how difficult it is, “It’s just a little aggravating to me. No matter what I do it just looks like junk, and I’m always thinking ‘is this art?’ when I’m working on it.” 

Nonetheless, Reynolds feels confident in finishing it. 

“I feel like it will be rewarding after I finish it,” said Reynolds. “After putting so much hard work into it, it’s really rewarding to see how far you have come from your idea to your final piece.”