FBLA Members Prepare for the Year


FBLA members gather for a picture at the Longwood conference.

Sarah Hennis, Managing Editor

This year, there has been a shift in power for the Future Business Leaders of America. The FBLA lead team has been switched up, and the club has elected four new executives to fill the lead team consisting of six positions.

The president of the club is Senior Emma Funkhouser, who works side by side with the vice president, Senior Robert Schwartz. These two members have been participating in FBLA for the majority of their high school careers.

“My plans are to increase membership in the club and to get people excited about joining FBLA,” said Funkhouser. “I also want to move the club into being more community service oriented while also focusing on business.”

Filling the other positions of treasurer, historian, secretary, and reporter are Seniors Isaac Conner, Josh Wawrzinak, Henry Haywood, and Natalie Clark.

For some members, such as Conner, they are participating in FBLA for the first time.

“I felt that the club was going to be a lot of fun and I was very interested in it, so I decided that the best way to have fun in something is to fully submerge yourself in it,” said Conner.

Wawrzyniak is the new treasurer of FBLA and is keeping track of funds.

“I am the treasurer of my class council, so I have had experience with monetary funds with clubs,” said Wawrzyniak. “Also, I am really looking forward to our regional and national trips this year and want to make sure we are financially on track.”

The club has been preparing for their first regional conference at Longwood, Va.. The conference will be Thursday, Oct. 4.

“I am really looking forward to our first conference next week,” said Conner. “I am new to FBLA, so I am excited to see what is in store.”

The club will be learning more about business and what it means to be a member of FBLA. 

“I am really excited to learn more about business, and to really experience the club at full swing,” said Wawrzyniak.

The students left school during 4th period on Thursday and headed to the conference.

“The conference was a lot of fun,” said Conner. “We got to learn more about business and how to work as members of FBLA. I can’t wait to go to an actual competition.”