Seniors Are Moving Forward

Sophia Carlucci, Head Maestro Group Editor

By: Sarah Hennis and Sophia Carlucci

The senior class has been working on college plans for the majority of this year. They have been accepted into a variety of schools and have chosen occupational paths as well. The senior class has highlighted what they will miss most, as well as what they are most excited for.

Graceon Armstrong:

“I am going to be attending Bridgewater College, and I will be playing volleyball. I am planning on majoring in pre-pharmacy and chemistry. I am definitely going to miss playing sports the most.”

Wes Bailey:

“I plan on working on a marketing degree at VCU in Richmond. The thing I will miss most about high school is the close relationships I’ve developed with my peers.”

Kaity Bean: 

“I am going to Virginia Commonwealth University and am looking to get my RN. I am going to miss seeing my friends all day, everyday.”

Margaret Branner:

“I am attending Sewanee with an undecided major. I cannot wait to explore a new community and environment. I am going to miss the community of Rockbridge the most. Being in class with all of my friends and peers, while having very active and present teachers made me feel very thankful on a daily basis.”

Elise Brooke:

“I am planning on going to Christopher Newport University. I have a deep passion for helping others, so I am planning on being an Occupational Therapist. I am going to miss seeing my friends and some of my favorite teachers everyday.”

Colleen Carrington:

“This fall I’ll be going to William and Mary, hopefully double majoring in history and English. The things I’ll miss most about high school are my friends and seeing my family every day.”

Colby Ervin:

“I’ll be going to Becker College in Worcester, Ma. to study psychology with a focus on mental health counseling. I will miss my teachers, especially Fleshman and Simms, along with seeing people I have known for a while.”

Joe Harrison:

“I am going to Virginia Tech, and I plan on majoring in Statistics with a minor in Computer Science. I will definitely miss the friends and familiarity of high school. Friends that I’ve known for nine years, a campus that is ten minutes from where I live, to lose those is a shame.”

Dawson Kosmas:

“I’m taking a gap year to travel domestically, and then I’ll be attending Davidson College. What I’ll miss most about high school is getting to go to school in such a beautiful place as Rockbridge County.”

Noah Lawhorne:

“I am currently working towards getting my welding certifications and a nice job to support myself. I am definitely going to miss seeing all of my friends I have been growing up with since elementary school. I am also going to miss all of the teachers who helped me get to where I am today.”

Lily Moreschi:

“I am going to St. Olaf College, which is in Northfield, Mn. I plan on majoring in anthropology and dance. I am going to miss being so busy all of the time. I know people in college have a lot of free time, which is something I am definitely not used to.”

Carlisle Orrison:

“After high school, I plan to move out West and work on a ranch for a while until I figure out what I actually want to do. I am going to miss all of the fun events that come along with highschool: pep rallies, football games, prom, etc.”