SCA’s Plans For the Fall


Parizad Irani and Tupu Mulitalo organizie folders

Maxwell Pearson, Reporter

The Student Council Association (SCA) may have limited options for the fall, but the council members are finding new ways to engage students and keep the school spirit going strong. The SCA is taking advantage of the internet and the resources available to socially interact with students in different ways than in years past.

Sophomore Ali Pfaff, the Secretary on the Executive Council, is working with SCA to use social media as an outlet to engage with students. 

“Social Media is a great way to receive feedback from students and give them a break from their schoolwork,” said Pfaff.

 The Executive Council plans to advertise, announce, and interact with students every Friday through Instagram and possibly other social media platforms moving forward. Plans may include Kahoot games, Instagram Polls, live Q&As, giveaways, and more.

“Though our in-person options are limited, we are working our hardest to find alternatives to increase school spirit,” said Pfaff.

The SCA also hopes to include a virtual spirit week this fall as an alternative to the homecoming spirit week. The goal is for students to plan their outfits according to the theme of the day and share pictures with the school to show how they are participating. Junior Parizad Irani is serving as the SCA Executive Council’s Treasurer.

 “Although we can’t celebrate spirit week in person this year, the SCA is working together on planning virtual spirit days to see students engage creatively,” said Irani.

The SCA Executive Council is also working on the foundation of a council for the freshmen. Junior Lucy Hanstedt  is serving as the SCA Executive Council’s Reporter 

 “We are currently in the process of appointing freshman council members who showed interest in leading the student body,” said Hanstedt. 

The council will consist of six freshmen leaders who are ready to serve the student body. Even though students are being challenged to adapt to a new learning environment, the SCA is trying new ways to make events and games to reward students for their hard work.