Evelyn McCain and Her Portfolio

Morgan Slusser, Reporter

Senior Evelyn McCain has spent her last three and a half years at RCHS and developing her art skills. McCain has enjoyed art since she was young, but the classes she has taken in the past few years have challenged the drive she has always had. Her love for art is what has made her who she is. 

“I can’t imagine my life without art and nothing captures my interest as much as it does, so I decided to make it the main focus of my career path in high school,” says McCain. 

Making art her main focus meant that forming a portfolio would be mandatory. 

“The process of putting my portfolio together was very complex with many working parts,” McCain stated.”I made a plan of the story I wanted to tell first. Then I looked back at my old art and was able to use a few pieces in that story. The rest I started making in August, though I had a minor set back and had to go to the hospital for a long period of time, so most of my art was made from December to January. For many of the pieces, I had a vision of exactly what I wanted to create before I started, and others came to me during the process. After I made my art, I had to photograph and edit it to make it clearly presentable. Then I formatted it in slideroom (a college application system) and typed up captions describing the conceptual and technical sides of each piece.”

Evelyn has put a lot into her art and produced many works over the past couple of years. Several of her pieces are intricate and have a backstory or a deeper meaning. Out of all of her pieces, she resonates most with her DNA painting. 

“My favorite art piece is the DNA one because it describes a part of my story. It came to me on a whim one night, and it was one of the most relaxing things to paint,” said McCain. 

For the future, Evelyn is looking at four different art schools. She hopes to pursue her passion by getting an Art Education BFA or a Studio Art BA. After College, McCain hopes to become a high school art teacher and, eventually, a college professor. She also hopes to be a freelance artist on the side and is working on a website to sell her art in the near future. Evelyn is currently posting her artwork, including some of her portfolio pieces, on @Artbyevv on instagram.