Trivium Holds Drive-In Fundraiser


Dylan Hostetter, Arts and Style Editor

On Saturday March 20, the Trivium photojournalism staff hosted a fundraiser at Hull’s Drive-In. Meant to raise money for the yearbook, the event was open to RCHS students as well as the public. Beginning at dark, Hull’s Drive-In held a special showing of “Back To The Future,” a classic film from 1985 following the time travelling shenanigans of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown. Brian Hamelman, the photojournalism teacher at RCHS, helped to organize the event.

We had another successful fundraiser at Hull’s. Last year, the weather was bad, and a lot of students stayed home, “ said Hamelman. “This year, however, we had a huge turnout. The drive-in provided a safe and fun activity for students and families that have been cooped up at home for too long,” 

 Senior Margaret Hellwig attended the event. 

“It was a great opportunity to safely see friends I haven’t seen in a while and watch a fun movie,” said Hellwig.

Hull’s Drive-In originally opened in 1950 and now runs as a nonprofit community organization. Hull’s is currently one of only seven drive-in theatres currently operational in Virginia and only one of two non-profit drive-ins operational in the United States.  

“The staff at Hull’s is always super supportive and great to work with. It is a great fundraiser for us because we don’t have to rely strictly on students showing up since Hull’s is open to the entire community. It is easier to create a more widely appealing experience for people in that regard,” said Hamelman.

The Trivium’s fundraiser has been held at Hull’s for the past few years, and has seen sufficient attendance.

“I’ve been excited to see the event begin to become a staple. It is important for our publication to have such a widely attended fundraiser. It helps give the Trivium staff an identity and puts our student-run publication in the public eye. The event is also good for a final sales push for the yearbook,” said Hamelman.