Students’ New Year’s Resolutions


Albert Vargas

Sofia Vargas playing a round of 18 holes at the Lexington Country Club

Maxwell Pearson, Online Layout Editor

For some, New Year’s Resolutions may seem like a cheesy way to shave off some holiday weight, cut out indulgences in a diet, or make more time for important people in their life. But according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “New Year’s resolutions can be a beneficial way for kids to get motivated.” They recommend for students to find an aspect of their life that is lacking in efficiency or success and create a goal to improve in it. 

New Year’s Resolutions tend to consist of a variety of ways to be a healthier, happier, or more successful person. This year, students of RCHS decided to make resolutions centered around their academic or athletic career. 

Junior Sofia Vargas is hoping that 2022 will be an important year for her golfing career. For years Vargas has worked during the off-season to improve her swing and increase her distance [for what] to prepare for the season in the fall. 

“I’m hoping to increase my driver yardage to the 200-210 range,” said Vargas.

Senior Will Murdock has similar goals with his passion in the gym. He would love to join the 1,000 Pound Club, a huge milestone for any weightlifter. A weight-lifter is said to be a part of the club when their weight from the squat, bench press, and deadlift add up to 1,000 pounds.

Sophomore Greta Guse is also trying to streamline her diet by cutting out sweets and desserts. As an avid swimmer, Guse hopes that a healthier, more refined diet will translate to her performance in the pool.

“I hope to keep this up for as long as I can,” said Guse.

Students at RCHS are also setting goals for their academic lifestyle this year. Sophomore Micah Mayr wants to get a head start on planning for his future by being proactive in the college process.

“Not only do I aim to stay in a sport during the whole calendar year, but to also start exploring college and scholarship options,” said Mayr, “I think starting early will help me have a more relaxed junior and senior year.”

Students who made New Year’s Resolutions for themselves are already beginning to see the benefits of setting healthy goals to get the most out of the new year.