Senior Feature: John Gregory


A self portrait by John Gregory

Heidi Schwarzmann, News Editor

While the class of 2022 has lived through an unpredictable high school experience due to the pandemic, RCHS seniors have gotten to return to normalcy and make the most of their last year in high school. RCHS offers numerous elective classes, clubs, and sports that all of the seniors have gotten the opportunity to partake in. Senior John Gregory is one of the many students taking advantage of everything the school has to offer. 

Throughout all four years of high school Gregory has been an avid photographer. 

“I am involved with photojournalism and digital photography,” said Gregory. “In Photojournalism when I take pictures it is mostly about capturing moments and activities, while in digital photography it is mainly creating images and photos.” 

While RCHS provides Gregory the tools for the hobby, his passion for creativity has kept him going. “My biggest motivation to keep pursuing photography is seeing the end product of each project,” said Gregory. “Seeing my own progression through previous projects inspires me to keep getting better and trying new things.” 

In addition to his talent in photography, Gregory has been an athlete his whole life. Gregory has been an active team member on the boys varsity soccer team all for years at RCHS. “I have played soccer my whole life so playing soccer in high school was always something I planned to do,” said Gregory. “For my last season I am looking forward to having fun with the team and making the most of it.” 

As a senior on the team, Gregory has taken on a role of leadership and serves as an example for the underclassmen players. “As seniors on the team, it is our role to provide leadership and expectations for the incoming players,” said Gregory.

When asked to reflect on his time at RCHS Gregory said, “My most memorable high school experiences would probably be meeting new people and seeing myself grow in different ways.” 

As the year winds down seniors are making decisions regarding their next steps after high school. Gregory plans to continue applying what he has learned about photography from RCHS and take it to the next level. “After high school I plan to pursue photography in college,” said Gregory. 

When asked what advice he would give to those with similar interests. 

“I would tell people who want to get into photography and soccer to just go for it and try out,” said Gregory. “You never know how much you might like it and how many new friends you’ll make.”