Advice From Seniors


Nakole Allen working with fellow Seniors on assignments

Caroline Diette and Ben Haskett

After four years of ups and downs, late nights and early mornings, virtual and in-person learning, the RCHS senior class of 2022 has been through a lot. And as they reach the end of their time here, we asked a few seniors what advice they would give to the underclassmen based on what they have learned from their experiences these past four years.
“I would tell them to make sure you keep up your freshman and sophomore years, because junior year’s probably your hardest, especially if you want to go to college,” said Scottie Martin. “If you don’t want to go to college or any of that route just make sure that you pay attention at school because it goes by super fast. And also reach out to the younger people and let them know that too.”
While also acknowledging the importance of keeping up with schoolwork, Daniel Carter’s advice is a little more concise.
Said Carter, “Stay organized and on top of your stuff.”
Other advice stayed general, encouraging students to make sure they show up and don’t get in trouble.
“Stay in school. Show up on time. Do your work. Stay focused. Stay on track” said Luke Whitten.
“Try to not get into fights. Stay out of trouble” added Walter Gray.
And even if it seems unnecessary, Arden Courtney-Collins emphasized the importance of just doing your homework.
Said Courtney-Collins, “I would recommend doing your homework because that helps pad your grade. Then it’s okay if you bomb a test.”
While many seniors offered advice for keeping up with classes, several others encouraged underclassmen to take advantage of other opportunities in and around RCHS.
“Be open to trying new things,” said Courtney-Collins. “Try and put yourself out there, especially when it comes to joining clubs and meeting people.”
While it can be intimidating to put yourself out there and overwhelming with the number of clubs, temas, events and activities available, many seniors attested to the importance of engaging in the school’s community.
“Get involved,” said Nakole Allen, a member of several clubs at RCHS “It’s always good to be involved in clubs and extracurricular activities.”
Along with clubs and miscellaneous extracurriculars, Susanne Mayock-Bradley also advocated for the variety of sports available for students to join at RCHS.
“Do sports. They’re fun” said Mayock-Bradley.
And even if you’re not a sports person and none of the many clubs interest you, there are still ways to be an active part of the RCHS community.
“First off would probably be to do spirit days,” said Austin Higgins. “I feel like I didn’t do any spirit days until I was a senior. Just do anything you can to be involved with the school early on.”
So, from keeping up with your classes to showing your school spirit, our seniors had a variety of advice to offer, and although cheesy, Jennifer Fu offers one more piece of well-worn but timeless advice for the underclassmen who may feel like they will be in high school forever.
Said Fu, “My advice is enjoy your time because it goes by fast, which is what everyone says, but it’s true.”