Farewell To Graduating Staff


Senior Prowler Staff poses for a group photo.

As the 2021-2022 year comes to a close, The Prowler staff will have 11 members of the publication staff graduating.

Editor In Chief Ella Vaught has made an impact on our writing as well as our lives. We will greatly miss hearing the words “Good Morning Everyone!” as she enters the class every morning.

Broadcast Editor Blake Darmante is most known for his work on the Wildcat Weeklys, motivational attitude, and demonstrating his martial arts skills for the class. While we can’t wait to see all of his accomplishments at VMI, we are sad to see the ginger hair go and the bald head emerge.

Arts And Styles Editor Adam Elrod is most known for his incredible hosting and performing skills, as well as leading his group to produce some of the best Wildcat Weeklys The Prowler has ever seen.

Social Media Manager Grace Shaw is well known for having a concussion every other week, and never leaving a dull or quiet moment in the classroom. 

Reporter Caroline Diette is most known for her outgoing personality and incredible writing skills, and will be greatly missed.

Reporter Kinsie Ellis is famously known for skipping school, while producing amazing work while still writing for The Prowler. 

Reporter Kyle Goodbar will be missed for his contagious laughter and gluten intolerance, which we are reminded of everytime we hold a party. We have learned to love gluten free pasta! 

Reporter Braden Hamiltion has most impacted our journalism class through his wearing of Mexican sombreros and fishnet tights.

Reporter Ben Haskett is most famously known for his outstanding opinion articles and his funny Wildcat Weekly bloopers. 

Reporter Seamous Looney is infamously known for his incredible Prowler Poll and dancing skills. Watch out Shakira! Seamus is coming for your moves and his hips don’t lie!

Finally, Reporter Morgan Slusser has positively influenced our class through her outgoing personality and her home meals that make regular appearances in class. 

As we watch our fellow journalists walk across the graduation stage and into the next chapter of their lives, we wish them the best of luck. Their accomplishments, achievements, and impacts they have made throughout their time on The Prowler staff will have lasting effects for years to come.

We cannot wait to see the powerful impacts these young journalists have on the world! 


Back Row from Left to Right: Kyle Goodbar, Seamus Looney, Braeden Hamilton, Adam Elrod, Ben Haskett.
Left Row From Left to Right: Caroline Diette, Ella Vaught, Grace Shaw, Morgan Slusser, Blake Darmante