Senior Wills

Writing a Senior Will is a tradition that many high school seniors participate in, giving them the chance to leave behind fond memories, items, and other things to their younger classmates. RCHS Seniors left things ranging from treasured items to favorite memories.

“I, Cierra Bolster, leave my favorite phojo computer to Ms. Emma Brooke” Cierra Bolster

“To Reagan Woody, I leave the fun talks during marching band. I hope you continue to have the strength to do the best that you can, and to go above and beyond in all that you do.” Peter Rappold

“To Kellan Dorey, I leave our fun track practices; I hope you continue throwing.” Thomas Balkey

“I am leaving Color Guard to Reagan Woody and the leadership position of captain.” Tate Ramsey

“I leave my favorite teacher Mr. Wallace to the incoming classes.” Hannah Strickler

“I, Olivia Williams, leave my senior parking space, spot #12, to Emma Watkins.” Olivia Williams

“I leave my favorite game ball to my rising seniors on the baseball team.” Keswick Owens

“To Aidan and Miles Williams, I leave the polyg-rig; I hope you make way too many unncessary Cook-Out trips while you still can.” Hope Williams

“I leave swim lane three to Maxwell Pearson and Sofia Vargas.” Susanne Mayock-Bradley.

“I will my favorite lunch table in the back of the cafeteria by the microwaves to Isaiah Williams.” DJ Lewis

“I will my favorite Don’s Booth to Kyle Goodbar because I love him so much.” Bella Mascaro

“I leave my favorite softball bat to Madison Perry.” Madison Falls

“I leave fun times and wisdom to Bryce Hall.” Jacob Ivins

“I am willing all of my textbooks to Jacob Ivins.” Alyssa Pettijohn

“I leave my thoughts and prayers to the brass section of the marching band.” Ethan Aldridge

“I leave my wisdom to the freshmen. They need it.” Nathaniel Rutan

“I leave my good times and insider jokes to all who are rising seniors.” Gage Kelly

“I, Daniel Carter, leave my dairy allergy to Cohen Paxton.” Daniel Carter

“I, Luci Hanstedt, give my [favorite] Jolyn to Maxwell Pearson.” Luci Hanstedt

“I will my cleat lunchbox to Maliyah Hickling and the last strand of pre-wrap in my soccer bag to Sophie Vaught.” Grace Shaw

“I will all of my long anatomy notes and flashcards to Olivia Smauch.” Maelea Potter

“I will the baseball team to Big Daddy D and Baseball Drew.” Thomas McAloon

“I will my undefeated record in lab practicums to Evan Roney and PT Calomeris.” Will Murdock

“I will my entire wardrobe to Jake Cline.” Nakole Allen

“I will the Model UN panda to Saara Basuchoudhary.” Arden Courtney-Collins

“I leave my blue and silver poms to my favorite freshman, Addie Flint.” Kinsie Ellis

“I leave my Editor’s desk to Emma Brooke.” Parizad Irani

“I leave James Greaver all the expertise of order forms data for the Cat Crew Cupcake Bakery.” Madison Sensabaugh

“I will all of my pencils to Ms. Donahue.” Kacey Frein

“I leave my British accent to M.J. and Sophia Smith.” Karmen Vest

“I leave the gift of humility and the ability to be in the water for warm-ups on time to Keagan Black.” Ella Vaught

“I relieve the nickname ‘mudbone’ to Cody Grimm.” Austin Higgins

“To Luke Eversole, I leave my good looks and my romantic ways. Stay classy lil guy.”Braden Hamilton

“To Nick Vargas, I leave our times in the backyard playing soccer I hope we can continue to play when I am in town.” John Gregory