The Technical Center Gets a Much Needed Renovation


Outside doors of the Floyd S. Kay Technical Center Photo by Oscar Kosky

Oscar Kosky, Reporter

According to Mr. Paige Owens, Director of Technology and CTE, the Floyd S. Kay technical center will be undergoing renovations in May of 2023. It is estimated to be finished by Oct. 2024. It will be the first change to the original structure from 1976.

Rockbridge County High School is working with Spectrum Design, a Roanoke based construction and architecture company. They are still in the design phase, headed by Randy Walters, Chief Operations Officer of Rockbridge County Public Schools. The current plan is to provide a more open and inviting vocation for the center, as well as large windows for light and an expansive connecting hallway to the main classrooms. 

New hallways will include more space for new classes that are still to be decided.

“It gives us a chance to re-evaluate the programs we’re offering,” said Owens. He hopes the future classes and additions can become the trademark of RCHS and improve enrollment. The school board plans to involve the Rockbridge community before construction. Parents and Rockbridge natives will be able to give their personal opinions to affect the next generation.

During construction, classroom locations may be affected. Building will be done by sections with temporary walls put in place to minimize the disruption of class schedules. The school is looking into mobile classrooms or busing students to off-campus locations like Maury River Middle School. Once finished, an overseeing committee plans to have a public exhibit of the improved technical center. 

In the future, the school wants to move forward on redoing the main building, after completing the CTE renovations. For more information on the addition look for news on the official RCHS website.