SCA Raises Money Through Selling Cowbells


Advertisement created by the SCA to promote the cowbell fundraising Courtesy of Jesskika Crance

Drew Potter , Reporter

On Sep. 16 at the benefit game against William Byrd High School, the Student Council Association(SCA) Executive Council began their cowbell fundraiser. The SCA is selling the cowbells in order to raise money for school spirit items. Patrons at the football games can buy the cowbells plain white or with the wildcat decals. 

The cowbells ship from 4AllPromos with a unit price of $2. The cowbells come in as plain white and the members of the SCA put the wildcat decals onto them. 

Senior Sofia Vargas explains what the SCA plans to do with the money from selling the cowbells. 

“We would love to get some more school spirit items and just have some money in the account to do some fun things,” said Vargas. 

The SCA ordered 100 cowbells and sold 70 to people at the football game. Furthermore, the 30 other ones were sold to the athletic department for $2 for the dedication put into Prasniki-Ross Field. The SCA plans to not order any more cowbells. 

All of the sales from the cowbells go straight back into the SCA’s budget. They will then use the money to purchase items promoting school spirit and enhance school-wide events. 

With the proceeds from the cowbells being sold, the SCA will be purchasing wildcat foam paws and thunder sticks. The two new spirit items come from the company Andersons. The foam paws will be black and blue with “RCHS” and “Go Cats,” printed onto them. The thunder sticks will only be sold as blue and will have a paw print and the word “Pride” under it.

Upon the arrival of the foam paws and thunder sticks, the SCA plans to sell them at football and volleyball games as soon as they come in. The foam paws will be sold at a price of $7 and a free set of thunder sticks will be given to students.

 “The plan is to possibly give away thunder sticks with a purchase of a foam paw,” said Crance.

As of Sep. 2 all of the cowbells were sold out. As the volleyball and football teams continue their seasons, be on the lookout for the SCA table selling the foam paws and thunder sticks.