Student Athletes Declare Favorites


Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Mikels Blevins

Senior Devin Riley and Senior Peyton Matz make a tackle against the opposing team.

Cameron Terry, Reporter

At RCHS, sports are one of the many things that bring students together. Whether they are playing or in the stands cheering on their friends, everyone is enjoying the game. Sports teach discipline, encourage teamwork, and keep students in shape. 

Friday nights are always fun for the students and the community from the roar after a touchdown, to the crowd yelling in unison for each Wildcat 1st down.                                                                                          

Senior player Devin Riley loves the sport that he plays and is very upset that this is his last season with the Wildcats.

 “Football is my favorite sport because it teaches more than just the game, it teaches you life long lessons that you will never forget. No matter if you’re winning or losing, the people you step foot onto that field with are the same when you step off the field. And they have your back no matter what,” said Riley.

On that same field, the Wildcats will come out with sticks this spring. Specifically, junior Halina Homiak gives her opinion on her favorite sport.

“Lacrosse is my favorite sport because I’m good at it,” said Homiak.

Indoor sports draw a crowd as well. The gym stays packed and excited during fall and winter seasons. 

Lily Clark is a sophomore at RCHS and has been playing volleyball for four years.

“Volleyball is my favorite sport because I love being with all my friends and seeing their smiling faces,” said Clark.

Peyton Jay is a senior and is thrilled for his senior year with the Wildcats.

“Basketball is my favorite sport because I watched a lot of it growing up and fell in love with it,” said Jay.

The students of RCHS appreciate the amazing lessons and experiences that our sports and coaches provide. Students who play sports are provided with so many opportunities, they get to meet new friends, and build stronger relationships with their coaches and teammates throughout the year. RCHS sports are so much more than just a “sport”.