Rockbridge County High School Introduces New Volleyball Coach


Mackenzie Mynes

Coach Beagan meets with Coach Armstrong before practice.

Mackenzie Mynes, Reporter

In July 2022, the Rockbridge County High School girls varsity volleyball team was introduced to their new head coach: Coach Cassidy Beagan. 

Coach Beagan is not new to Rockbridge County, in fact she is quite familiar to the area. She graduated from Rockbridge County High School in 2016, and played varsity volleyball during all four years of her attendance. 

After graduating, she went to The University of Arkansas Little Rock for her freshman and sophomore year, where she also played volleyball. She then transferred to West Cliff University and continued to play volleyball, then started playing beach volleyball during her junior and senior year of college. 

Coach Beagan was very adamant about coaching for RCHS. Since she went to high school there the position of head coach meant a lot to her. 

“Volleyball has always been a part of my life” said Beagan, “and when I saw the opening here I couldn’t say no,” said Beagan.

The girls say the transition of getting a new coach has gone well since the beginning of the season. Coach Beagan has already made an impact on the team after only two months of coaching them. 

“Every day, Coach Beagan pushes us to be better people.” said Senior Jaden McCoy, a fifth year setter. 

“She brings out the best in us, mentally and physically.” said senior Lexie Polly, a 4th year defensive specialist. “She is very upbringing and makes practice a positive environment,” said Polly. 

The girls remain excited for Coach Beagan to keep teaching them more about the sport everyday and are hopeful that Coach Beagan will give them the determination to be their very best this year. 

Since graduating from college in 2020, Coach Began has led and coached volleyball for several different schools in the previous years. However, she is excited to bring a new meaning for coaching to the high school where her love for the sport originated. 

“What I bring different to the team and to the coaching staff this year is I have a lot of playing experience and since I have been in the girls shoes recently, I can relate to them and push them to make them the best that they are on the court.” said Coach Beagan. Beagan is hopeful that she can make an impact on the girls this year that they will always keep with them.

This year’s team has a positive outlook. “We hope we can make it to states this year and win, so that will be our team goal for the year,” said Beagan. 

With much hard work from the girls and Coach Beagan herself, we have faith that the Rockbridge County High School girls varsity team will be the best team that they can and accomplish their goal and win the state championship for the year of 2022.