Horticultural Students Beautify RCHS


Faith Mohr

Mums and fresh mulch around the gazebo by the football stadium that Horticultural students planted.

Faith Mohr, Reporter

In Rockbridge County High School’s Horticultural Science class, students participate in hands-on activities focused on bringing more life to the school. 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Gosney, Horticultural Science teacher, offers the opportunity of hands-on experience to help the students learn and prepare for future jobs.

In the first few weeks of school, Horticultural students have been busy putting their classroom learning into action around the RCHS campus. They have planted mums and fresh mulch around the gazebo by the football stadium. Outside the main gym, mums have been added to the raised beds.

One of Gosney’s goals for the class to accomplish is to enhance the look of the high school and give people a welcoming feeling when they come to our school.

“When I walk into a building, I always look at the landscape and having flowers blooming makes me happy, and I hope that the flowers that we have planted around the school puts a smile on someone else’s face also,” said Gosney. 

During this course, Gosney teaches her students the safety and science behind this industry. In addition, nursery plant production and greenhouse operations are also included in this course.

The horticultural class has many future plans throughout the 2022-23 school year. Gosney’s class plans to fulfill Ms. Sandra Thompson’s wishes and plant her favorite flowers around the timber frame behind the cafeteria. Ms. Thompson was a government teacher at RCHS since November 1999 and she passed away due to a years-long battle with cancer this past summer. 

Along with this, a flower bed around the Rockbridge County High School sign in the front of the school will be created in remembrance of her for the entire community to see. 

Furthermore, in remembrance of the two former Rockbridge students, Chase Prasnicki and Drew Ross, who gave their lives serving our country, the class hopes to add landscaping to the memorial by the football stadium.

In addition to planting flowers around the school, a goal for Gosney’s class is providing corsages and boutonnieres for homecoming and prom. She also finds it thoughtful for her students to make bouquets during Valentines Day. These bouquets are offered to faculty and community members.

“Our last goal for this year is to provide vegetable plants to faculty and community members like we have done in the past years,” said Gosney.

For more information about this course and what it offers, contact your guidance counselor or email Mrs. Gwendolyn Gosney.