Behind the Scenes of RCHS Athletics

Simpkins uses a massage gun on Junior baseball player, Thomas Armstrong, before workouts.

Photo taken by Maddie Dahl

Simpkins uses a massage gun on Junior baseball player, Thomas Armstrong, before workouts.

Maddie Dahl, Reporter

 The Athletics Department at Rockbridge County High School has many working parts. Some of the people that put the power behind RCHS Athletics include Mr. Adam Haynes, Athletic Director (AD); Mr. Travis Rogers, Assistant Athletic Director; and Ms. Courtney Simpkins, Athletic Trainer.  

Mr. Adam Haynes is the head of the RCHS Athletics Department. Haynes schedules games, books officials, and is the go-to man for questions. 

As the Athletic Director, Haynes works more with coaches and parents than the student athletes. He misses the primary contact that he had every day when he was coaching, but the secondary contact is just as meaningful to him.

“Knowing that what I do helps our student athletes is so rewarding for me,” said Haynes.

Mr. Travis Rogers, Assistant Athletic Director, handles all the transportation, making sure that there is a bus that comes and picks up the teams for every game. Rogers also keeps all the social media accounts updated, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Rogers runs the Rockbridge Athletics website and makes sure all the athletes are entered correctly with their name and number.  

Rogers is in charge of coordinating Senior Night every year for each sport. Senior Night is always a special goodbye for the graduating athletes, but it’s also a goodbye for RCHS staff members as well. 

“I am always sad to see them go, but I am excited to see them start the next chapter of their lives,” said Simpkins. “I love when they come back to visit or invite me to their weddings.”

For Simpkins, it’s all about the connection with the kids. 

“I just love this age group, all of them have different personalities,” said Simpkins. 

Simpkins stays busy as the RCHS Athletic Trainer. Fall and winter sports are easier to cover because there are not as many teams as the spring season. Though once the spring season starts, there is a game almost every night. 

Another part of the wheel that makes the Athletic Department turn is the outdoor maintenance man, Todd Mahood, who mows the grounds of RCHS and is in charge of the upkeep of the stadium. Rockbridge Area Recreation Organization (RARO) paints the game field. Mr. Andy Coffey, one of the Special Education teachers at RCHS, with the Work 2 Class to paint the practice fields as well. 

Senior Kelsen Howard is a part of the Work 2 Class. 

“I love going outside to paint the practice fields because I can be involved in sports that way,” said Howard. 

All together, student athletes at RCHS have a team of supporters working behind the scenes. These people deserve a shoutout for their work for RCHS athletic programs.