Library Welcomes Students


Grace Fleshman

Seniors Sophia Fafatas and Grace Rolon working on a puzzle in the library.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

Located at a convenient and central location, the Library Media Center is easily accessible for students throughout the day. It is a great spot for students to have a quiet place to complete schoolwork or read the variety of books available. 

The RCHS Library Media Specialist, Amanda Burks, wants to make a safe space for students. 

The library is a space that is truly student-centered.  Before school we play music, there is a puzzle to work on, people play chess, and build with the KEVA plank,” said Burks. 

The couches and comfy chairs in the library make the space even more enjoyable and they contribute to the amount of students who come to study and read there. 

Sophomore Ella Culp enjoys using the space to study and read. 

“My favorite place to study is definitely in the corner where the little blue cushions are,” said Culp. 

Tables and many chairs are also available, creating a space where you can sit with friends, study, or even work on group projects for various classes. 

Located in a room inside of the library, the Digital Media Lab is another great resource for students. Many students use this room and the equipment such as the green screen and video editing software to create school projects.. 

The library also has a wide selection of books on their shelves with genres like romance, science fiction, and mystery. Not only do the genres encourage students to read interesting books in their free time, but this big selection of genres can also be helpful when RCHS English classes assign book reports. There are so many books on each topic so this allows every student to choose a different one to read and analyze. 

The library staff does an amazing job at taking events going around at the school and choosing books related to these topics to put on display for students to read. 

“We always have great displays going.  Right now there are some awesome books by Latino authors for National Hispanic Heritage Month as well as a display of playaway audiobooks,” said Burks. 

These displays can help students get more involved in events happening around the school and in their community. 

The library maker bar in the morning is available for students. This craft bar provides students with a chance to spend time with their friends and make exciting crafts. Also making sure students stay interested in the maker bar, a new craft is introduced each month. 

“I really enjoy having the maker bar going in the library. It offers everyone a creative outlet and a place to de-stress,” said Burks.

With the library being such a positive and safe environment, many students enjoy going there to complete homework or read books. The selection of books provided and the atmosphere given by the faculty makes this place a popular location for the RCHS student body.