Scarecrow Contest Excites Main Street


Grace Fleshman

Walkabout Outfitters displays their scarecrow.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

Hosted by Main Street Lexington, small shops and businesses participated in a community scarecrow contest from Sept. 22nd through Oct. 22nd. The various shops downtown that participated were excited to take part in a community-involved event.

Not only were the scarecrows detailed and filled with small and unique characteristics, but they could also easily be seen when walking on Main Street or driving by these businesses. Paige Williams, the owner of Downtown Books, explained her unique and special scarecrow. 

Our scarecrow is made from a wood “skeleton” base. It has movable joints so he can be put in different positions. He started as a pile of wood and fabric,” said Williams.

The contest encouraged the businesses to bond and create a scarecrow with teamwork. Ellie Bunton, one of Walkabout Outfitters store managers, also decided to participate in the scarecrow contest. 

We took part in the Scarecrow Contest because it was a fun bonding experience for our Team here at Walkabout to create a Scarecrow together! We got to incorporate our Scarecrow into one of the window displays that had a camping theme,”said Bunton. 

The contest ran from Sept. 22nd through Oct. 22nd. During this time, Ellie Bunton also explains that tourists and locals were entertained by the scarecrows.

“We have customers who have been taking pictures of all the Scarecrows they can find in town. Tourists think it’s cool and unique how this was coordinated and all businesses participated,” said Bunton. 

While the contest went on, tourists and the Lexington community were driven to the small businesses and their scarecrows that reflected their business and store themes. The scarecrows provided families and customers a chance to look at the engaging and thoughtful scarecrows. 

On Oct. 25, the judges awarded the Southern Inn first place, with their scarecrow “The Scary Chef”. Next up, the judges also awarded Purveyors on Main with second place and Downtown Books with third. 

Main Street Lexington kept Lexington up to date with pictures and information on the contest. The variety of scarecrow photos on their Instagram gave locals and tourists a chance to see them if they couldn’t make it into town. 

The community involvement, unique and detailed scarecrows, business bonding, and all around fun and exciting experiences all made Main Street’s scarecrow contest a smashing success.