PTSA Puzzles Over Prom


Maddie Dahl, Reporter

The Parent Teacher Student Association, (PTSA), and Just Games, a game shop in Downtown Lexington, are collaborating on a puzzle competition to help fundraise for the After Prom Party this year. The After Prom Party has always been such a blast, including a giant bouncy obstacle course, a mechanical bull, and board games to play while eating and lounging with friends. In order to continue to have a great party, it is crucial for the PTSA to put on a fundraiser each year. 

“Along with fundraising for After Prom, the PTSA also sponsors two different senior scholarships, 100 dollars a piece,” said English teacher Ms. Payne.

Senior Derek Smith attended the After Prom Party in 2022.

“The best part of After Prom was the bouncy house obstacle course because you got to race against your friends, and it got super competitive,” said Smith. 

This year, the fundraiser is a Puzzle Competition. There will be teams of four, each given a 500 piece puzzle to complete. The first team to complete the puzzle wins. The registration is limited to 14 teams, so make sure to sign up before all of the spots are filled.

To heat things up, there are opportunities to sabotage other teams. For example, you can pay to make another team wear mittens, be blindfolded, or take away the box to do their puzzle if you donate some more money to the PTSA.

The day of the competition is Jan. 21, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, and it will take place in the RCHS Library. Refreshments will be provided. The entry fee for a student is $10. The entry fee for an individual is $15, and the entry fee for a team of four is $40. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected].