Wilson Wins


Ham and Bacon were selected for the 2022 Drexel Photography High School Contest Exhibition at the national level.

Micah Mayr, Reporter

Photography is thought to be something that is simply complex. It is an art, it is a skill, it is a way of expressing one’s way of viewing the world. When taking a photo, one must frame and stage what the viewer will see, and Anna Wilson, a photographer student here at RCHS, framed a piece of art that is drawing attention and appreciation nationwide. 

Wilson has two images that could be exhibited at two galleries for two different contests. Her first image, Ham and Bacon was selected for the 2022 Drexel Photography High School Contest Exhibition at the national level. Her work and five other winners will be displayed at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She will find out if her work will be placed first among the six works entered into this contest. All images will be displayed at Drexel from Feb. 4 to Mar. 5.

Her second work, Torn View, was given the Photography Honorable Mention for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at the state level. This photo will be displayed at the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley from Feb. 16 to Mar. 26.

Wilson is a senior this year and has been in Mr. Hamelman’s photography class for three years. She worked inside and outside of the classroom diligently and her time spent on her craft has been shown in her work.

“I think both of her images convey Anna’s ability to capture emotion and feeling in her surroundings. Both images hold a sense of imperfection, a thick layer of nostalgia, and a beautiful and compelling splash of vibrant color. They showcase the area that Anna is from and the ways in which a building or a curtain can be both broken and beautiful at the same time,” said Hamelman.

Wilson has expressed her excitement about being selected for this competition. She feels honored and noticed as a photographer despite living in a small town. 

“It feels nice to be accepted into these competitions and have my work recognized. It’s neat that my photograph from Rockbridge County has made it into a national competition — it gives me hope for little town people. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it took time and effort in the sense that the images I chose were selected from over a year’s worth of photography. I love photography, it’s a way to express emotions and capture moments and share that with others,” said Wilson responded when asked why she’s passionate about photography.

Wilson, as well as Hamelman, is proud to display these pictures. As the teacher, Hamelman watched her progression in photography throughout her time in his class. 

I’m very proud of Anna. She has worked hard this year to distinguish her work aesthetically and conceptually. She has worked outside her comfort zone, putting in hours outside of school, shooting and re-shooting scenes and portraits of her friends. She has shown a strong sense of dedication, and it has clearly paid off.” said Hamelman.

Wilson has been dedicated to her work this past year, which has paid off. She is able to express herself and her art in the way she wants to be seen.