Random Acts of Kindness Acknowledges Students


Grace Fleshman

Student scans code in order to vote.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

Recently, our school has created a nomination to celebrate and recognize students that display kindness. Not only does this recognition acknowledge students’ actions, but it also encourages other students to be kind.

This initiative started when Rockbridge alumni, Ashlee Baker, proposed the idea. The goal was to raise school spirit and promote kind behavior. 

Many students and teachers participate in the weekly initiative. The prize for winning could include a gift card to Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, or Dairy Queen. 

Sophomore Lauren Owens explains why she thinks this appreciation is important.

“I think the Random Acts of Kindness is important because it’s rare to find high schoolers who are kind, so their actions need to be rewarded,” said Owens.

Promoting this positive behavior influences other high schoolers to become better people. 

One of the high school’s administrative secretaries, Ms. Karen Emery, shares why she thinks the award is important.

“I believe the Random Acts of Kindness recognition is important because it reminds us all that no matter what’s going on, our kind, positive words and actions towards others can and  do make a difference in our school community and  beyond,” said Emery. 

Celebrating students and teachers that go out of their way to do things for others can create a more positive environment. In order to celebrate them, it is necessary for other students to vote and nominate their peers. 

There is more information about voting in the daily morning announcements, flyers around the school, and also on the Rockbridge County High School website.