Front Office Staff Retires


Ms. Zitmore saying goodbye to the Wildcat.

Hallie Darmante, Reporter

In 1997, Lisa Zitmore entered the doors of RCHS to begin a 26 year career as Office Administration. Zitmore works in the front office and routinely serves the student body by taking late notes, keeping track of bell schedules, and assisting the students in any way she can. 

While we are sad to see this lovely person move on, Zitmore has big plans for her future. 

“I have never retired before, so I am not very good with all this leaving stuff! My plans after retirement are to first relax and go to the beach with my family for a week, then I am going to help a lot more with my grandchildren, do some fishing, learn to play golf, and visit my out of town friends anytime I want,” said Zitmore. 

She goes on to talk about her favorite parts of RCHS and how the students have affected her life. 

“Everyday is a different day. It is always exciting to watch the students grow during their 4 years here at RCHS, their transformation never ceases to amaze me. Over the past 26 years, I have had the privilege of meeting many families. I will miss my Wildcat family but the friendships I have created here at RCHS will last a lifetime,” said Zitmore. 

Zitmore mentions two things she will not be missing. 

A few things I will not miss would be the doorbell and the phones ringing all day,” said Zitmore. 

Karen Emrey, Zitmore’s front desk coworker and partner-in-crime, speaks on how much she will miss Zitmore, and how much she has enjoyed their time together. 

“Lisa has been at RCHS for 26 years and worked with several others in the Main Office prior to my arrival. We have worked side by side for the last 12 years, and when I say side by side, it isn’t just a figure of speech. It wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about how our spaces are so close together and her response was “it takes two special people to be able to work so closely together,” said Emrey.

She goes on to talk about how much of a mentor Zitmore has been over the years.

 “When I started in October 2011, she took me under her wing and over the years has been a coworker, a mentor, but mostly, a dear friend in and out of the office. In the beginning she spent a great deal of time and patience training me for the demands a main office position requires. Lisa is a kind, soft spoken, people-person who is always willing to share her wisdom with a listening ear. I admire her courage and ability to remain calm during all circumstances. She is full of optimism and has an infectious zest for life. I will miss our morning greetings, days that we randomly color coordinated our outfits (great minds think alike), our lunches, juggling the day to day together, and simply just getting to see her every week day,” said Emrey. 

Junior Addie Wright describes Zitmore’s effect on our school. 

“Ms. Zitmore has made a difference in the school by always greeting students, always being prompt, and helping out anyone who comes into the office. She is very kind and caring and we will miss her,” said Wright. 

RCHS graduate of 2022, Blake Darmante, spoke on the difference she made in his highschool experience. 

“Looking back at my time at RCHS, Ms. Zitmore is one of those people I miss dearly. There was something about the welcoming atmosphere she helped create in the front office that helped RCHS feel more like home,” said Darmante. 

Zitmore shared her daily outlook and lasting words for RCHS. 

“I am going to be present and in the moment, without a schedule! Taking one day at a time, and enjoying every moment of every day,” said Zitmore. 

From my experience doing morning announcements, the best part of my day is the short amount of time I have been blessed to spend with Ms. Zitmore and Mrs. Emrey. Ms. Zitmore has shown me unconditional kindness, patience, and love. I want to thank her for giving so many years of hard work and dedication to Rockbridge County High School, for all of the time she’s invested in me and her co-workers, and for all the times she’s made each day a little brighter. The students and staff are sad to see Ms. Zitmore go, but we wish her the best of luck with all her future endeavors and want her to know she will always have a home at RCHS.